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Not quite a Book Review 🤔

Shadow Riders by Christine Feehan 

The next series I’m starting to read and review, so I thought I’d give a little background info on the series…..

A brief history ….. 

Shadow Riders are assassins who mete out justice, using shadows to travel. The Ferraro family is one of a few “Riders” worldwide, so rare that it is the duty of a Shadow Rider to marry and produce more Shadow Riders. If a Rider hasn’t found someone to marry by the time they reach a certain age then the family will arrange a marriage to an appropriate Rider of another family. 

Not all Shadow Riders are born knowing they have that rare ability. (When Sasha and Giovanni meet there aren’t enough shadows in the club to realize she’s a Rider, but Giovanni feels pulled toward her anyway. Sasha has no idea what she is, but she does realize she can tell when someone lies. Giovanni has his work cut out for him when they meet. And on more than one level.)

But, when two Shadow Riders meet, their shadows move like serpent-wraiths, reaching out for each other. They can feel one another, know when someone is a Shadow Rider. They can also feel a compatibility with another Rider. Often this potential compatibility can be triggered by the sound of that person’s voice. Combined with the reaching and intertwining of their shadows, a Rider will feel something deep within him or her click into place and they will know this person belongs with them. Or potentially does. Stefano felt immediate that Francesca was the one for him.

If a Shadow Rider claims a mate and that mate rejects them, things become disastrous for both of them. The same goes for divorce. Should two Shadow Riders divorce, it rips their entwined shadows apart leaving one partner without their memory and the other partner unable to ride the shadows ever again. So, choosing someone who will fully accept a committed relationship is imperative. 

It’s different if a Shadow Rider is widowed. With the partner deceased, the entwined shadows fade away and are not violently ripped apart as it happens with divorce. Though the partner may be sad, they could still re-marry and they lose nothing. They keep their memories and their ability to ride the shadows.
Shadow Rider could marry a non-Shadow Rider if that person has the riding gene. Some of the Ferraro’s extended family are “Greeters” or “Investigators” and they have different gifts and abilities. Other Shadow Rider families in the world have these gifts and abilities and may hold a recessive Shadow Rider gene, but not have manifested in that person. Instead, that person could have a child with a Shadow Rider and their child could also end up a Rider. 
We find out in Shadow Reaper there are Shadow Rider families and extended families all over the world. Training is often done outside of the family. Ricco was trained in Japan and we learn of powerful Shadow Rider families there. Riders throughout the world look to pair up, with or without the benefit of love, in order to produce more riders. An actual love-match isn’t easy to find.

So every chance encounter for any of the Ferraros could lead them to find a Shadow Rider who will match them. A mate. Love. All they need is a lot of luck and a lot of shadows.

Books in the series so far …… 
SHADOW WARRIOR (out in June) 
UK and USA covers 📚
Just a little background on the series. I’m thinking of doing it for each series I read and review, what do you think?
Reviews to follow 😉


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