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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Time of my life (Oceanic Dreams Book 2) by Laura Heffernan

Back Cover…….

She needs a partner, but passengers are off limits. It’s only one dirty dance…what could go wrong?

Legend says everyone who boards the Oceanic Aphrodite will find true love that day. Staff like Janey know that’s a crock. She’s on the ship to earn her paycheck teaching pole fitness, not for romance. Then she runs into Frank in the boarding area. He’s everything Janey isn’t–refined, classy, rich, privileged–but his good looks and charm make him undeniably appealing. Unfortunately, he’s a passenger, which means nothing can happen.

When Janey’s partner becomes too ill to perform in the end-of-cruise talent show, Frank offers to fill in. He’s never done pole, but his ballet background makes him the perfect choice. Not to mention their only option. Despite their differences, Janey finds herself falling for Frank. For the first time, she hopes the legend is real–but giving in to temptation means Janey could be out of a job.

My review ….. 

A cruise romance 😉how cliche. But I opened my kindle and started ….. 
Janey teaches fitness with a difference, she teaches pole fitness. She enjoys her work, and teaching, and sailing to different places, it’s a dream job. Sure there has been cute guys to look at, but the job states NO DATING the passengers, and Janey has never had the inclination to do so, until Frank …… 
Frank is a doctor, slightly amused that he’s on a cruise called the Aphrodite. He’s not looking for love or a relationship, maybe a little fun. Bumping into the cute blonde seems like a good place to start.
They meet when Frank saves Janey from a runaway baggage trolley. Attraction seems to be mutual. Frank wraps Janey’s ankle. And there is definitely a spark, but the no fraternising policy brings Janey down to earth with a bump. And he’s rich (super rich in fact) what do they possibly have in common, no Janey needs to stop fantasising and get back to the job at hand. 
But when Janey’s dance partner falls pregnant and can’t dance can’t with her, (they do a double act) Frank steps up and offers to be her partner. (Well more like pushed into it) 
Practicing brings them close and personal, and the flirting is off the scale, but if Janey gives in and sleeps with Frank, then she’s going to lose her job (and she doesn’t want to move back home and live with her sister) and what about the female fans Frank is quickly acquiring? How can she compete? 
So does Janey give in? Is Frank worth losing her job? And what happens when the holiday is over? 
A fun afternoon read. 


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