Sunday’s Post 🌤

It was my son-in-law’s birthday celebration today (it’s his birthday on the 11th) so I got to spend time with my granddaughter😁 she is such a ball of energy and fun. So of the stuff she comes out with is funny.

Today is also a year my mother passed away. So it was nice that I had something else to focus on. I miss my mum terribly, her words of wisdom and cuddles are still sorely missed. Her smile and wise cracks too. So we laid flowers on my daughters grave (some of my mums ashes are buried with her) and chatted about mum. (My son came to visit and my nephew went as well)

Weather wasn’t too bad, not hot enough for a BBQ, but warm enough to sit outside and watch Grace play in her new house she got for her birthday in May. Until the rain decided to pay a visit 🙄


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