Random Thought…..

As promised I thought I’d put my books on the picture board, (but they wouldn’t fit) so I’m going to write them underneath…..

The book I couldn’t put down ….. I use to read until the book was finished, I try to slow down a little now😉but once I’d picked up J.R. Ward, her Band of Brothers became a Couldn’t put down read.

The book I couldn’t pick up …. I’ve got a thing about not reading half way through a series, so I try to get the first couple and then go from there. I don’t really read much in the way of fact or autobiographical.

The book you gave me (I haven’t read it yet-sorry) ….. I have been given quite a few books over the years, especially when a friend was getting rid of her piles of books. I’m still reading them now.

The book I brought to the beach ….. well the picture has the book looking wet and sorry for its self, that wouldn’t happen to my book, it’s kept away from the water, put back in my bag when not reading. And If i take a book to the beach it’s going to be one I’ll leave at the holiday library area. (Last one was a Jack Reacher book)

The book I tried so hard to like… J.K. Rowling did a book called “The Casual Vacancy” and because I loved her Harry Potter books, I really wanted to like it. But I didn’t, I don’t think I even picked it up from the library, I’d read the back sleeve and walked away …..

The book I somehow own three copies of …. I have Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Macguire. I’ve got a signed copy, and two paperbacks.

The book that saved my life ….. I know the picture has knives sticking out, so I’ve not had an experience where the book has literally saved my life. But I read a lot of books when my daughter was in hospital, I was reading The BlackDagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward at the time, enough hilarious moments to make me smile, and thick enough that I’d only need one book a day. So figuratively I’d say J.R. Ward saved my sanity.

The book I lent you (can I have it back?) ….. I’ve lent books, and I’ve kept a pretty close eye on them. But I do remember a time when I was a teenager, I’d lent a so-called- friend a romance book, and she thought it would be funny to throw it out the school window. (Can’t remember the book)

The book I fall asleep to every night ….. I listen to audio books most nights, I have it set up to close at the end of a chapter, and I never start a new chapter, so it does work.

The book I mistook for a hat ….. I used comics as a kid to fashion hats, but never wore an actual book as a hat!!!

The book I’m desperately trying to write ….. Ok I have a confession, I have been trying to write a story. I did get into it, but I wasn’t working and I threw myself into writing it, now I’m back to work, it’s been put to one side….. 🤔

All the books that changed my life ….. I wouldn’t say there has been any book that changed my life. But if I hadn’t read Dark Fire by Christine Feehan, then I wouldn’t have found her community on FB, and I wouldn’t have met a very good friend online.

That’s the books I think I can put to the picture board. How about you? Can you respond with the full 12 pictures?


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