Sunday’s Post ☕️

Want to wish all those fathers out there a happy Father’s Day, and to all those mothers who do the job of two parents.

Being Father’s Day today, it got me thinking of my dad. He has never been a cuddle giver (that was mum’s department) his department was discipline (we were never smacked, but the thought of my dad smacking us was usually a deterrent)

Dad was in the army, where he met mum. Dad came from a large family.

His hips give him jip, he wears hearing aids, he has a weak set of lungs (a fall a few years ago) smokes like a chimney.

But he was always there, and with a wife and four daughters, there was a fair amount of oestrogen running around😉

He wasn’t too social, but would always drive mum around to see the grandkids (they had a few) he seemed to get on better with his granddaughters than his grandsons (maybe he was use to his daughters?!) dad loves a cup (or a bucket) of coffee, bigger the better.

So Happy Father’s Day Dad 💋


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