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Drakon’s Knight (A Blood of the Drakon series) by NJ Walters

Back Cover ……..
Drakon Jericho Drake, the child of a pure-blood dragon and human, has a simple plan: Kill the leader of the Knights of the Dragon and start a war. Except, when he meets his target, Karina Azarov, she can’t remember who she is. Worst of all––he can’t kill her. His dragon side has just claimed the dangerous woman as his mate. 
Karina has no idea why these Drakon’s have taken her to their home. And she most certainly does not understand why she’s so drawn to her captor. Maybe because he’s strong, intelligent, and caring, in his enigmatic sort of way. One thing she knows, he’s not going to hurt her. If only she could remember something from her past that would explain why these Drakon’s hate her so much. But if her memory returns, mated or not, he may get his war.. And one of them will die.

My Review ….. 
As this book doesn’t have a number I’m assuming it’s book seven in the Drakon series. 
I’ve read books 1 and 4 there is a little story going on from book to book, but I don’t think it makes too much difference to the story.

Jericho has lived with hate for the society (Knights of the Dragon) for as long as he can remember, and now he wants a war. Kill the leader and a war will definitely start. His target is simple ….

Poor Karina can’t remember who she is and how she got here. (A car accident has given her amnesia) But looking at the man in front of her, she knows she is safe with him. 
He isn’t happy, his dragon half has claimed this bloody enemy as its mate, and once a mate is chosen, he can’t harm her…. 
Jericho needs to distrust Karina, she is his sworn enemy, but looking at her he sees another side to her, maybe she isn’t the evil that he thinks she is, but he can’t get past his hatred of the society. He’s suppose to kill her and start a war. 
And what happens if and when Karina regains her memory, will she be able to look past the dragon to see the man? Or will she see the killer of her family and friends? Or will she use the fact his dragon can’t kill her and gain information for the society? 
Again another good story, plenty of action and suspense. The characters weren’t as good as some of the other stories I’ve read. Karina felt a little one dimensional and I didn’t really connect with Jericho. 

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