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31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 2)

20 Facts about me …..

  1. I read (I read a lot)
  2. I have a room dedicated to my books (it’s jokingly called the “library”)
  1. I have 6 tattoos (and plan to have a few more)
  2. I listen to music a lot more, my taste is more varied that it was 10 years ago. I also listen to music that matches my mood, or if I’m feeling a little down, I’ll put on some fast music and have a dance. Music to housework is a favourite of mine. Not yet been caught like Mrs Doubtfire dancing with the vacuum.
  1. I love roses. I prefer to see them in the garden, but I like a nice bunch once in a while for the home.
    I did try to learn to drive when I was younger, it was the whole learning to do things all at the same time, and I wasn’t a confident teenager. So sadly I’m a walker not a driver.
    I love the cinema, that whole experience, I usually buy sweets and a drink from a shop (the cinema is just so expensive!!) but what I don’t like is the talker ….. behind me or by the side of me, it’s not cheap to watch a film, so I like to watch it in silence.
    I have never ridden a bicycle. We weren’t fortunate enough as kids to have bikes, so I never got round it learning. And to be honest the thought of riding on the roads with so many thoughtless drivers is enough to make me stay a pedestrian.
    I’m a bigger walker than I was. I’m not a big lover of public transport, I’d rather spend my money on a book or a bar or chocolate. I can usually do over 10,000 steps a day, and in fact my phone has an app which tracks my steps.
    I Love chocolate….. white, milk or my favourite is dark chocolate.
    I’m a coffee drinker. I don’t drink tea, I haven’t done since I was pregnant with my son (and he’s 31) the smell use to make me feel ill, but at least I can make a cup without holding my nose.
    I blog daily 😉 and I also leave reviews on BookBub. Amazon Uk. Good Reads. NetGalley. I also guest review on a blog site called The Reading Cafe.
    I like to cook, I’m not an adventurous cook, but I like to throw things together and come up with different recipes. My favourite is a cupboard rice recipe. I find different ingredients and add to rice.
    I love butterflies. They use to be one of the things my daughter collected. Ornaments and anything with a butterfly on it, and after she passed away, I continued her collection.
    I’m a big fan of penguins. I’ve liked them since I was a child, I’d watch all the nature documentaries. On my next holiday, I plan to see some in the wild. And I can’t wait.
    I can’t swim. I never learnt as a child, I’m not scared of the water, but if I’m in a pool, I like to be able to touch the bottom of the pool. And if it’s the beach, then I don’t wade out further than my knees.
    I have a kindle, a kindle app on my phone, I also have a kindle fire, and iBooks on my phone, along with paper books. And Audible in my phone. As I said before I love to read, and if I can take a book out with me, then I will 😉
    I craft, I have plenty of ideas, I have plenty of items to craft. It all sits in my library. I’ve made a few things, and I do intend to go back and do a few more. (Watch this space)
    I wear glasses, I have gone since I was 12, I didn’t always wear them. As a child, I used them for looking at the blackboard (shows how old I am😉) and when the children came along I just started to wear them all the time. In the morning I usually wander round the house without them on. I can’t do it for long as it gives me a headache.
    I’m not a big alcohol drinker, I do like a glass of southern comfort with lemonade. A nice cider is always welcome. If I drink wine it’s with lemonade. I can’t taste all those flavours that some people say they can taste!!!
  • So ….. that’s 20 facts about me.
  • 🦋

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