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31 Day Blog Challenge (Day 4)

Earliest Childhood Memory…..

I’m not sure what age I was, but I clearly remember a flat that I lived in with my mum and dad, my aunt use to visit all the time. And one day I decided to go visit her instead. I stood on tiptoes and let myself out the door. Walked along the walkway to the lift. I couldn’t reach the button to go down, so I walked down the flight of stairs. And onto the pavement. I knew I had to walk across the road, and through the park. Mum always let me play on the swings for five minutes, I think it was so she could catch her breath (she was pushing my new baby sister) now as I’m meant 50, roads weren’t nearly as busy as they are now. But before I could cross the road, I heard my mum’s voice calling out for me. And I saw my aunt running across the park. Apparently I wasn’t suppose to open the door and go for a walk.

My Mum years later told me this story, she’d gone to feed my sister, then change her. After she’d put her down for a nap, she came looking for me. She thought I was playing hide ‘n’ seek, and when she couldn’t find me she rang her sister (my aunt) in a panic.

When I asked how old I was, I was told about 3.

So that’s my earliest memory.


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