Saturday’s Post 🥵

Today was fun at work. We had no Gas or electricity (we found out later that the fans on the roof were tripping the electricity switches) so after delivery was put away (and don’t you know it we had more staff on than usual🙄 we were then given cleaning to do (large order of plates, bowls and cutlery were delivered today) so that meant it all had to be washed and put away, and in the pot wash area it was really hot.

But it all got done, and then it was decided we were to close, so then we had the fun task of closing down the kitchen. I got to leave work early, but was then told by my nephew that it was reopening and it had all been fixed!!! I swear they don’t know what they are doing sometimes!!!

I managed to put out washing on the line a little earlier, so I could get more done. I’m out for the day tomorrow, so I needed most of it done today.

How was your Saturday?


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