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Book Review ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿ’ป

The Pack’s Mate (WOODLAND PACK series) book 1 by Amelia Shaw 

I’m a doctor who hasn’t had a date since cell phones became ‘smart.’ How is it possible that three gorgeous guys can all want me at once?
It was a normal day, during a normal shift, in my normal life… when everything changed.

I wake up in a house in the middle of the woods with three men that allege they can turn in to WOLVES.

I don’t believe them of course. Who would?

But the proof is undeniable, and so is the attraction I feel for all three of them.

I want them… I do. And if wolf shifters are real… then all bets are off.

I’m Alice and I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole.

I wanna see how deep this desire goes, because i won’t choose between them.

And luckily, they don’t ask me to.

Even with the threat of the bear shifters, and the fact that this all-male pack hasn’t born a female in over fifty years…

I need them.

This too big, sassy, smart girl is gonna get her happily ever after. Even if it means going against every instinct I have.

For readers who love Alpha men, and women who fall hard and fast.

Okay ….. Threesomes and shifters!!! Iโ€™ve read a few of these types of books, they seem to be the in thing at the moment. (1 woman and 3 men)
There hasnโ€™t been a female wolf born into the woodlands pack for over 50 years, the population has given up hope of ever finding a mate. So the elders decided to pass a law where 3 Wolves form a triad (an Alpha, Beta and an Omega make up each little โ€œpackโ€) and when they find their mate, they are to protect and guard them. But finding a mate is easier said than done. So they need to start looking for human females to breed with. (But Dexterโ€™s pack will only mate with their Fated mate.)
Dexter is the Alpha of the pack, what he says usually goes. Heโ€™s known Jay and Taylor since they were all young, so his triad was always going to be those two. He wants a mate, and lately thatโ€™s all he can think of, someone to come home to, and someone he can have kids with, but with no females in the pack, he had to do something, and searching in the human world, seems like the only option left open to them. 
Having touched Claire, he feels a jolt and when she faints at his feet, Dexter whisks her up into his arms and into the  truck, then reality hits. What has he done?!?! 
Jay is your omega, the caregiver, he wants a mate and a houseful of kids (in fact he would be happy to stay at home and look after the kids) he is the peacemaker, and when they find their mates, itโ€™s going to be a happy home.
Taylor is the Beta of the group (second in command) heโ€™s always been happy to follow Dexterโ€™s orders. Heโ€™s the one who usually goes into town to find a little female companionship, but even that is wearing thin. How do you find your mate? 
Claire is a doctor. She loves her job, not too keen on the long hours, but it comes with the job. 
Waking up in a strange house isnโ€™t Claireโ€™s thing, but she remembers seeing a big man, shaking his hand, then nothing. And overhearing three guys talking about โ€œsharing herโ€ has her scared. How the hell did she get here? And what do they want? And when she sees what they can become…… 
This is where I get confused, previous books have the threesome looking for one female, and although Dexter said he didnโ€™t mind sharing, when he meets Claire for the first time, he sends his pack mates away, he is fiercely jealous and guarded. (I thought it was a group decision to share?) 
The foursome then have to work out how this life is going to work for them. And how will Claire cope when trouble comes knocking in the shape of angry bears? 


Published by jab1969

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