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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Claiming their Mate (Woodland Packs Book 2) by Amelia Shaw

I have the worst luck with men… But this takes the cake.
I HATE my name. Nevaeh… For the uninitiated, that’s Heaven spelled backwards.
My parents were hippies… or that’s my excuse for them. Trailer trash is probably closer to the truth.And despite my weird childhood. Nothing beats this. I’ve entered the twilight zone.Seriously. With three men who turn into WOLVES…And they say I’m their destiny…But they don’t realise the truth. Not yet. I’m poison. Cursed.And my ex-boyfriend, turned stalker is a biker… with a pack of his own. They won’t stand next to me if he threatens them… or will they?When will I wake up? 
Or if this is real… will I end up like Claire? 
Pregnant and mated to three men who will take down anyone in their path?

This story is a standalone novella set in the Woodlands Pack world, can be read in or out of order. 
A steamy Reverse Harem wolf shifter romance with no cheating and a guaranteed super sweet, happily ever after.
For readers who love Alpha men, and women who fall hard and fast.

My Review ……. 
This story starts with Grayson talking to Claire the human that belongs to part of the pack, she belongs to the triad of wolves (Dexter, Taylor and Jay) in book one. He wants to know how to look for his mate, and when will he know her? 
Aaron is the beta of the group, Grayson’s second in command. Not as fast as Grayson but just as deadly. Prepared to protect his mate. He longs to come home to someone, to care and cook for her.
Brad is the Omega of the trio, he’s the homemaker, the caretaker of the pack. He wants a mate to care for, and children would be the icing on the cake. 
Grayson is the Alpha, born to protect and provide for his pack and future mate. Now he knows there are human women out there compatible with their wolves, Grayson wants a mate for his little pack. 
Neveah is married to her job. She loves being a nurse, and doesn’t think twice about pulling a double shift. 
Visiting her friend Claire (we meet her in a previous book) she’s surprised and upset to hear Claire is ready to give up the double shifts and late nights, she thought they would be doing work together like the old days, once Claire comes back to work (something happened in Claire’s book, and she got injured) But Claire has a secret she needs to share with Neveah. 
Neveah came across as very narrow minded and a bit of a prude, she finds out her friend is having a relationship with three other guys!!! And when Claire explains about the triad she is with, Neveah doesn’t really believe her. And for the three men being shifters!!! Well that takes a bit of convincing. 
Meeting the three men/shifters proves just too much for Neveah and she leaves. She can’t or won’t commit, she’s worked too hard to get where she is, and the last man she trusted beat her and broke her trust. She can’t do it again!!! 

The book then goes on to explore the feelings that Neveah has the the triad, and how the three men cope with a commitment shy female. Oh and her ex makes a nasty reappearance. And we find out why the bears want the wolves to be extinct!!! 


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