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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Saving the Pack ( The Woodlands Pack) book 3 by Amelia Shaw

I’ve been shunned by men for years… And now I’m pregnant to an Alpha wolf and the bear shifters I live with, have sentenced me to death.
I was born to a family of bear shifters…. or that was what I believed.

But it turns out it was all a lie. 

How did I find out? When it was time to find a mate.

No-one wanted me… they all said I smell strange to them. Wrong.

So I drowned my sorrows at a bar in Little River and met a wolf shifter.

It was meant to be one-night-stand until I found myself pregnant.

Now the bears want me dead and I must find the Alpha wolf who gave me my baby.

But the Alpha is not alone. He’s one of a three wolf pack… and miracle upon miracle, his Beta and Omega want me too.

Will they let bears follow through with their punishment, or will the triad of super sexy wolves save me?
This story is a standalone novella set in the Woodlands Pack world, can be read in or out of order. 
A steamy Reverse Harem wolf shifter romance with no cheating and a guaranteed super sweet, happily ever after.

For readers who love Alpha men, and women who fall hard and fast.

My review ……. 
Celeste had only ever known hurt and rejection. So she was use to it, but it still came as a shock when the bears she thought of as family passed a sentence of death onto her. (She had cooked and cleaned and was practically their slave, but she still thought of them as family) so she’s gotten a little drunk a few months ago, so she’d met a stranger and had sex with him, and yes she’s gotten pregnant by said stranger, but that didn’t mean she was to die!! And what about her poor little baby? It wasn’t their fault, so Celeste did what any sensible female would do…. she ran!!!! 
Tayte is the Alpha of this little triad. He met a sweet little human in a bar a few months ago, but was too drunk to realise he had his fated mate in his arms. But now he has her, and she’s pregnant. He just needs to keep her safe from the bears that will surely try to take her back!! Over his dead body, his little pack will keep her safe, and if need be, the larger pack he lives with will come to his aid if need be. But why did the bears take her in as a child? Did they know she was meant to be a mate to a wolf? The bears and wolves have never really gotten on, but to keep her away from them, did they have some ulterior motive? As Alpha of this group, he needs to find out, and fast!! 
Dane is the sweet omega, he’s use to being the caregiver, the homemaker (although cooking isn’t his strongest point, he’s happy if his little pack is happy.) So when Celeste comes on the scene, yes he’s happy his family is complete, but having his mate already pregnant with the alphas child, Dane is a little insecure as to his role in the pack now, what if she doesn’t want him? What’s he to do? 
Sam is Tayte’s Beta, the second in command, but with Celeste in the triad now, all manner of feelings are being stirred up, jealousy that it’s the alphas baby (with a triad it could be anyone’s baby, so all will have a vested interest) nerves, what if Tayte and Celeste don’t want to be in a triad? And hurt, Celeste didn’t even seem to worry when he and Dane left the bedroom. But he does know he will do everything in his power to keep her safe, she may not want him, but he’s bonded to her already, he would give his life up for her. 
Finding their mate was great, finding out she was already pregnant with their alpha’s baby, not so great, Sam and Dane felt a little left out, what is Celeste only wanted them because they came as a triad? What if their Alpha didn’t want to share Celeste? 
This book was a little different from the others, Celeste already knew about the shifter world, what she didn’t know was that she was fated to be a wolf mate and not a bear mate. With the other two books in this trilogy the human females were unaware there were shifters in the world. So they took a little more convincing they were mates to three wolf shifters. 
I did find it a little harder to connect with this triad and their mate, only because of the instant love Dane and Sam had for Celeste (with the other two books it was a little slower in forming) also some of the sex scenes seemed a little forced (a good story doesn’t always need loads of unnecessary sex)  but I did like the fact we had more info on why the bears were trying to find and keep human females away from the wolf packs. And I enjoyed catching up with the other two triads from previous books. 


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