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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

William MacGregor will lie, spy, and happily die to protect his clan from their greatest enemy. But when he kidnaps the wrong woman, he triggers the very events he’d been working so hard to prevent. And puts everyone in danger.

Rose Thatcher will do anything to protect her lady and return them both safely to English soil. But the damn Highlander who snatched her off the docks has done nothing but get in her way. She’d love to ditch the bastard, but if they want to save their respective loved ones, they are going to have to stay together.

Somewhere along the grueling journey to Scotland, their constant bickering turns into something more. Something worth fighting for. But how can an English lady’s maid, who longs for the safe, comfortable life she had in London, find love with a Highlander who can’t wait to wipe England’s dust off his feet? If they can’t defeat the enemy they accidentally led home, they might not live long enough to find out.

Each book in the MacGregor Lairds series is STANDALONE:
* How to Lose a Highlander
* How to Ensnare a Highlander
* How to Blackmail a Highlander
* How to Forgive a Highlander

My Review….

I’d read the third book in the series, (How to blackmail a Highlander) and enjoyed it. So I started the kindle up and jumped in ….

William loves his clan, there is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep them all safe. So with that in mind, he plans to kidnap a lady, but grabs the wrong one, and so the plot goes from bad to worse, she is nothing but a pain in her arse, but he is drawn to her, and when they aren’t fighting, he is rather intrigued with her (even though she drives him mad!)

Rose is a lady’s maid (someone who dresses and accompany’s a lady, like a companion but at the Ladies beck and call) and truly loves her charge, there isn’t much she wouldn’t do to protect her, and after she’s kidnapped, Rose is worried about her lady even more. And this “man” has a lot to account for. How dare he do this, her temper gets her into trouble a few times, but when they aren’t taking shots at each other, she recognises Will’s love for his clan and his good intentions.

But what does this mean for our couple? William longs for Scotland, and Rose wants to return to London. Is this just a “Highland Fling” ? Or will they be able to compromise?

The book runs alongside book 3, it has almost the same timeline. It’s well written and very detailed.


Published by jab1969

Hi I’m an avid reader. I also write reviews for the books I read. Come in and say hi. You can find me on GoodReads, Bookbub, and NetGalley 👩🏻‍💻 I also review on an awesome site The Reading Cafe (run by Barb and Sandy) So ........ More about me 🤨 I’m almost 50 🤫 I’ve been married (for 27 years) I have a 30 year old son. I had a daughter, I lost her a week before her 21st birthday 😥 and it’s been 5 years since she’s been gone (and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her) I work as a salad 🥗 chef 👩‍🍳 in a restaurant, haven’t been there long (before that I worked in Tesco) a large supermarket in the UK. I also like to make craft items (and if your really lucky) and I’ll try to post my efforts on here 😉 My daughter loved butterflies (so part of my blog name is dedicated to her) I’ve taken on her love of butterflies (I have several tattoos) so I’m probably going to throw quiet a few butterflies on here 😉 I LOVE PENGUINS 🐧 💕so I’m also going to be putting a few on here (my library holds a few) 😉 <img src=""

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