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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Traitor Games (Tarnished Hero’s book 3) by Sidney Bristol


Noah White has done a lot of bad things for the CIA, but this time they’ve crossed the line. He knows the kill order he’s been given is a set-up and the intended target is another covert agent. They’ve finally found a line Noah won’t cross. Not with her. 
Lillian Matthews is living in the crosshairs and she knows it. While her friends are spread out over the globe gathering intelligence on a rogue covert agency, it’s her job to keep them all connected. Only now she’s the target. And her unlikely ally is the last man she’d expect. Lillian will have to make the biggest sacrifice of her life, because Noah will stop at nothing to protect her.

My Review….. 
I read book two in this series. You don’t need to read any of the previous books. But as there are references to previous book characters, it does help to have a little background. Book one was Rand and Sarah, book two (the one I read) was Andy and Carol (assassin games) 
Noah is good at his job. But lately he’s grown weary of it all. And finding out there is an agency hiding undercover in the CIA was a blow, and a little worrying. And now he has a new target (a clean up job) he’s worried that it’s going to get messy …… 
And if he doesn’t kill her, someone else will. At least he wouldn’t make her suffer, it would be quick and clean. But he can’t do it, so to find out who wants her dead, he’s going to have to step in and protect her. 
Lillian is being stalked, she’s known it for a while, but why? What could they possibly gain from her death? And she knows it will be her death. And when her would be protector makes himself known, Lillian is confused, and extremely wary. He says he’s there to kill her, but he doesn’t want to, so what does he want? 
Together Lillian and Noah don’t have much time to figure out who is trying to kill her and why. Each thought the other wasn’t interested in a romantic way, and with miscommunication and jumping to the wrong conclusions about each other, they don’t seem to be on the same page. But both are aware of the attraction growing between them. 
So who is trying to kill Lillian? And can she really trust Noah? He could be playing a bluff, and when her guard is down, that’s when he will strike and kill her. 
The book is very fast paced and full of action. The characters work well together, and we get to see previous characters come together to help Noah and Lillian. There are also other forces working to silence Lillian forever. So who do you trust ? 

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