Friday’s Post ⛅️

it’s Friday. And so here’s a post for you to try😉cheers

One of those days today. Not only was it hot and muggy, but the restaurant was full of kids and moaning parents!!! It made for a slow day!!!

It was also 6 years today that my daughter was admitted into hospital with breathing problems!! And within 5 months she’s gone!!

It’s hard sometimes, you don’t expect to bury your child. But she’s had problems from the day she was born, and although we knew we wouldn’t have her forever, it was still a shock when she went. You don’t expect a case of pneumonia in August!!! I miss her laugh the most, and that cheeky grin when she’d done something wrong.

I’m out having dinner with my best friend tomorrow, so that’s something to look forward to. A good start to my weekend.

How’s your Friday?


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