Monday’s Post ⛅️

Wow!!! Not been on here long, but pretty impressed with 500 posts 🥳

The weather really wasn’t very nice this morning 🌧 but through the day it got brighter and warmer, so the walk home was a nicer one than the walk to work.

A few changes at work will see me change my hours slightly. And the good news is I won’t have to run around like a mad woman for the first 40 mins of my shift. Instead I’ll go in and actually do my job. Will it last? Who knows, and what happens when they go back to serving breakfast? We will just have to wait and see.

We had a fair few children in today, and if they weren’t eating pasta like it was going to run out, then they were mixing drinks with the aid of our fizzy drinks fountain. Several tables looked like a bomb had hit it!!

How was your Monday?


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