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Book Review 📱

Bear’s Temptation by Fay Walsh


She will soon find out that uncovering the truth, is a dangerous game to play…

Darren is the beta of the Hoopole Bears.

He appears as a cold-hearted and rude businessman, but no-one knows what he has been hiding.

Not even his own clan…

Now, this journalist is on to him, threatening to throw away his mask. He can’t let her unveil the truth and wake his forgotten feelings.

Lisa is sure that Darren is more than he claims to be.

Even if their first meeting was disastrous, she knows that she will discover the truth.

Maybe what she hears in whispers isn’t far from reality…

And yet, why can’t she reveal to the world what she has found out?

Why does she want to protect him?

But, what Lisa doesn’t know is that she is playing a dangerous game. A game that will almost kill her.

Unless a bear comes to her rescue…

What can a shifter and his mate do when his past ties them in a deadly game?

My Review….. 

Lisa is a struggling journalist, but getting this job could be her big break, but she’s heard this man is so rude!!! Hoping it’s just his PR hyping him up, Lisa goes to interview him. 

Boy were they right!!! Rude and arrogant (but kind of hot) she gets a story from him (think 50 shades) and thinks that is the last time she will see him…..

Darren really can’t be doing with people (especially humans) he’s a bear shifter, beta to the little group he lives with. He’s not a sociable person (he really is a grumpy bear) he only just gets along with his group. We have met Darren before (A Bear of her own) 

We get the feeling Darren is hiding something, you also get the feeling he was hurt. Wether as a child or as an adult.

He isn’t interested in Lisa, found her annoying (but cute) hopes he’s seen the last of her…. 

Neither Darren or Lisa get their wish. Her boss wants more of a personal angle, and Darren’s alpha wants her watching. Then when Lisa goes to Darren’s home, she gets more than she bargains for….. 

Great ….. after saving her life Darren gets his picture taken on her phone. His alpha isn’t pleased, so sends Darren out to either but the journalists silence or the picture. 

The story progresses and we have Darren and Lisa sort of liking each other. Darren doesn’t really trust Lisa. And Lisa would love to run this story, but for some reason she just can’t send the story and the picture to her boss. 

Will Lisa uncover all the shifter secrets? And will Darren open all the way up and tell her his past? And the stray shifters in the town, will they need a place to stay? Or are they on a more sinister agenda? 


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