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Book Review 📖

She’s Got Game (Gamer Girls Book 1) by Laura Heffernan

Back Cover……


Travel blogger Gwen Williams is about to live the dream—competing in the annual American Board Game Championship. She’s up against some stiff competition, namely legendary gamer and four-time champ Cody McKay. The seriously buff hottie and shameless flirt is going all-out to seduce her. That’s when Gwen lays her cards on the table: She never, ever mixes gaming with romance . . . until resisting Cody becomes a losing proposition. 

As Gwen gives in to temptation, everything’s in play for a major heartache. With the rounds heating up and players eliminated, she knows she’s gambling a lot more than a seat at the final table in Vegas. But Cody’s kisses promise more than a fleeting romance. If she plays her cards right, Gwen just might walk off with the championship and the man of her dreams. 

My Review…. 

Living your life playing games, it seems like a great life. 
Gwen is also a blogger, and likes (no loves it) to travel. Reading the description, I did wonder if Gwen was more of a dungeon and dragon type player. (The game was fairly simple. Players rolled a pair of dice, then collected cards with different “resources” on them. The resources could be discarded to build various structures. A bad roll could result in losing cards, and the first player who got to ten points won.) 

Cody loves to win, and there is nothing he won’t do to make sure he comes out on top. He seems like a nice guy, until he hits the tables, then all bets are off. 

Cody and Gwen meet at the gaming tables. There is lots of “trash talk” and a little flirting. But although Gwen finds him cute, she won’t date a gamer. (She did once and got taken advantage of, so she swore never again) But as the games proceed, Gwen is finding it harder and harder to resist him. 

Then the inevitable happens ….. Gwen doesn’t know how to process the night they spend together, her emotions are running high, she second guesses everything. 

So will Gwen give Cody another chance? What happens when the game ends? 
You’ll need to read to find out 😉

Well written and thought out. Hoping Shannon and Holly get stories and they are Gwen’s best friends. 

That was a fun read 😊


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