Saturday’s Post ⛅️

Weather is a funny thing, your soaked through one day, and it’s totally miserable, and then the next day it’s clear skies and sun peaks through the clouds. Your never sure what you need to wear or put in your bag (sun lotion or an umbrella)

Delivery day sees me organising the walk in fridge (I have a system, it seems to work) the young man helping me today, was more of a hindrance than a help. So by the time I’d put the frozen away and the tins and dry goods, he’d made such a mess of the fridge, I just rolled my eyes, went and made a phone call to chat to my best friend, then came back and sorted it all out (and once again it’s back where it’s suppose to be)

Managed a little review reading and first wash load in, I’ll snatch up with the rest of the washing tomorrow.

How was your Saturday?


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