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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Secret About Time (The Firemark Series) Book 1. By Kathryn Murphy 
Austin Brooks is almost one hundred-years-old, but he, like all of the residents of Brightrock Island, doesn’t age normally. The tight-knit community off the coast of Massachusetts has a closely-guarded secret—they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. In an effort to escape his painful memories of World War II, Austin has settled into his job at Brightrock’s only school as the funny guy, Mr. Fix It, on track to becoming a principal. Then new teacher Caitlyn Landry arrives from the mainland, throwing all life on Brightrock—especially Austin’s—into chaos. 
After suffering several major losses, Caitlyn is looking for a fresh start. Brightrock doesn’t take kindly to outsiders, but Caitlyn was a necessary hire, and when Austin is tasked with mentoring her, he discovers keeping his lips sealed is easier said than done. With her own regrets and mistakes haunting her, Caitlyn is hardly looking for love, but the more time she spends with Austin, the harder it is for either of them to keep their distance. But what no one on Brightrock knows is that someone is on to their secret, someone who poses a threat to everyone on the island, leaving Austin to decide between his loyalty to Brightrock and his desire to fight for the woman he can’t live without. 
My Review….. 
To look at Austin, you wouldn’t think he was nearly one hundred years old!!! Time and the residents of Brightrock are different from “outsiders” it’s a slower pace, and the residents age differently too. 
Austin is a jack of all trades at the school, nothing he can’t turn his hand too, he’s worked hard to forget his past, and becoming principal at the school will keep him pretty occupied. So when members of his community tell Austin they’ve hired an “outsider” to teach at the school, he’s not too keen, he is not keen at all!!! They have too many secrets to keep from the new teacher, it’s going to be tough. Will Austin rise above it? 
Caitlyn needs a break, after losing her parents and 
And this seems like too good an opportunity to miss. But on the way over to the island, she’s hit with doubts. And meeting Austin doesn’t help, she gets the distinct impression she’s not welcome!! 
Both settle into the roles they are given, and try to keep out out of each other’s way, but with fate playing its hand, it’s not long till they start bumping into each other. 
Caitlyn still feels like an outsider, the role she’s taken on doesn’t really feel like hers, it feels like she’s only there till the person she’s filling in for comes back!! And her feelings for Austin confuse her too, but she can’t get involved, it hurts too much, to lose someone you love.
Austin is beginning to look at Caitlyn in a different way. She’s smart, fun and totally hot. And after seeing her in a World War II outfit, Austin wants more than a kiss, much more ……
But something or someone has noticed the residents on Brightrock are different. What is in store for Austin and his friend? And how will it involve Caitlyn? 

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