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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Legacy: Semester 1 (Slayer Academy) by Amelia Shaw 

From nerdy bookworm to Fae Slayer in training.

My life is carefully planned, and blissfully free of surprises. I hate surprises.
Discovering I come from a long line of Fae Slayers and must give up my position at a prestigious college to attend a Slayer Academy?Worst. Surprise. Ever.I’m a nerd. A bookworm. I slay with words, not swords.Fighting to stay at the top of the class is nothing compared to fighting to survive.If the deadly weapons and mysteriously hot, but possibly evil guys don’t kill me, then six months without cell reception might.
He haunts my dreams… His eyes pierce my soul.. but will my sword have to pierce his heart?
Megara’s battle to survive Slayer Academy has just begun. Weapons classes, unexpected passion, and forbidden love await in The Legacy…

The legacy is the first book in a New Adult, college-age paranormal academy series. Expect magic lessons, a bookworm heroine, a sexy scene or two,and a slow-burn forbidden love romance

***Author note – this series is three novella length urban fantasy books. Recommended 17+ due to language and love scenes. 

My Review….. 
Reading the back cover, I got the impression of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I liked that show, so I flipped the kindle open and dived in….. 
Megara (or Meg to her friends) is not a kick ass warrior woman, Meg is a book worm, she’s not use to fighting and certainly not monsters. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s go back ….. 
Meg is off to do a gap year before deciding what’s next in her life she very excited. But her whole world is about to change, and in her opinion, not for the better. 
She’s unaware that both her parents are Fae slayers (and are pretty good at their job) and it’s time for their daughter to leave this life and enrol in Slayer Academy, to say that Megara is shocked and displeased is an understatement…… she’s thinking it’s a big joke, but as it sinks in, she realises her family are serious, they are going to shop her off to some school…. 
Arriving at the front of the academy Megara is in awe of the building, but she’s also a little apprehensive, it doesn’t look too friendly, and the nerves Meg had been suppressing, come back big a bang (this is all some terrible dream). 
We meet other class mates (and that wasn’t a great first meeting) they aren’t impressed, the Callum’s are great warriors and hunters of the Fae, and Meg, well she’s a big disappointment!!! 
We then read all the fun times (not) with weaponry (she’s no good with swords) and her hand to hand skills are a joke!!! But the other lessons, Meg is a keen student and makes the grades. 
And it’s not teenage angst unless there is a love story…. and this one will be a forbidden one, why? Is Fiore Fae ?  And if so, that’s a big NO NO in the slayer world, they can’t and shouldn’t be together, but you try telling a teenager NO😉and Fiore (that’s the hunks name) is definitely worth disobeying everyone for. There is just something about him (besides being hot) there is a connection Megara has never felt with anyone before. But there is also that element of danger that keeps Meg from falling too deep. 
We also have Brutus (a student at the school) there is definitely a spark between them, so we could have a love triangle😉
Oh and did I mention a Legacy? (Well the title does give it away) it’s her legacy, five generations of her family have attended and have slain the evil Fae. Is there more to her legacy (I have a feeling there is) 
So if you like heroines that’s aren’t warriors, that are nerds first and foremost, then you definitely need to pick this book up. 
And book two….. if it’s half as good as this one, then I’m in. 

Published by jab1969

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