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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Fae Hunter: Semester 2 (Slayer Academy) by Amelia Shaw.

From Fae Slayer to renegade rebel.
Slayer Academy 101: 
•The Fae are evil 
•A Slayer must trust their instincts. 

Well, my instincts are flashing like a neon sign—the Academy can’t be trusted.
I’ve glimpsed the true heart of a Fae prince. Fiore is kind, merciful and saved my life. 
Now he’s missing. 

Journeying to the Fae realm is treacherous, especially with Nyeer, the Fae prince who tried to kill me. 
But loathing soon turns to lust and Nyeer strips away my defenses—along with my clothes— until my heart’s in just as much danger as my life. 

This Fae Slaying gig is not all it’s cracked up to be. 
Magic lessons and weapons classes were child’s play compared to the fight to rescue Fiore and protect the Fae Kingdom. 
And to save three Fae princes, their Kingdom’s only defense… I may have to give them up forever.

Author warning: This book is much hotter than book 1. ***Fae Hunter is the second book in a College-age Paranormal Reverse Harem Academy series.

My Review…. 

Reading the description I got the distinct impression our Meg is turning into a little slut!!! (Well she slept with Brutus, she’s been having sexy dreams about Fiore, and now she’s turned her attention to Nyeer) I can’t keep up with the girl😉

We start this book at the beginning of a new term, Meg has just spent the last two weeks at her parents, catching up with her BFF and family. But now she’s back, her mission is clear …… Find evidence that the Fae aren’t as bad as the history books say they are. 

Megara/Meg has decided that she’s not going to hunt and kill the evil Fae, she’s going to find out what the truth is, and she feels like the Fae have had a raw deal for centuries. But proving it will be difficult, she can’t tell her roommates, she can’t tell Brutus (sparring partner and part time lover) she can’t even ask the librarian. She’s on this  mission alone. She just needs to speak to Fiore or Nyeer (one of the Fae leaders) 

She gets her wish sooner than she anticipated, a portal opens and a figure emerges….. 

Fiore is missing!!! Meg needs to do something, she feels like it’s her fault. She needs to do research whilst waiting for Nyeer to return in three days time. 

After meeting up with Nyeer, he takes her back to his castle (he is one of the three princes that rules the Fae kingdom, Fiore being one of the others) 

Teaching Meg defence movements has her all hot and bothered, and before you know it Meg and Nyeer are going at it like bunny rabbits (this not I found a bit disconcerting, if there is a connection between Fiore and Meg, why is she in bed with Nyeer?) 

The third prince (Everly) makes an appearance at the castle and is disgusted that no one is looking for the third Prince (Fiore) Meg is feeling really guilty and steps up the attempts to find Fiore…… 

With luck and a little magic, they find where Fiore is being held, and plan a rescue. 

Do they rescue Fiore? Will Megara have to chose? And who will it be? 

And boy is it a cliffhanger ending…… 

This book is more racer than the first, it felt like it was heading towards a reverse harem (three guys one woman) 


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