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Is It Ever Acceptable To Recline Your Seat On A Flight? A Guide To Getting It Right….. 

As you know I’m thinking of going on holiday soon. My plans will pop up soon in my blog……

So what is the etiquette for reclining on flights? It’s a divisive topic, that’s for sure. A poll by Skyscanner found some view it as “inconsiderate” and believe it’s never ok to recline, while others think it’s ok as long as you ask first.

Some consider it 100% unacceptable on shorter flights, while others believe that they should absolutely be able to recline regardless of flight duration – one person went as far as saying anyone with a problem should pay the extra money to sit in premium economy.

Rupert Wesson, academy director of Debrett’s, the authority on etiquette training in the UK, tells HuffPost UK: “The seats on most aircraft are designed to recline and so of course it is acceptable, but that does not mean that it should be done without care and consideration for the person sat behind.”

If a meal is about to be served there’s no point in reclining “because you will only have to put it back up again”, he says. And in his view, you don’t need to ask permission to recline – but it’s important to do it carefully and check that you are not going to knock over drinks, laptops and iPads when you do so.

“A quick glance to check will also indicate to the person behind that you going to recline which is always helpful,” he adds. 

My Opinion…… 

I try not to lay back in my seat, I always feel for the person behind me, that’s not to say the person in front of me has the same consideration. 

I have children think their seat is a toy, I’ve also had adults that can’t get comfy, and will spend most of the flight up and down …. 

I remember one time my daughter was sat in her seat (she had her bag to keep her occupied, toys, snacks and colouring) and this man in front of her kept bouncing around in his seat, the seat went back, the seat went up, he must have done it for a good 5 solid minutes. My daughter daughter calmly stuck her head through the seats and asked if he wanted a snack or a colouring book, as he couldn’t keep still 😊 

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