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Monday’s Post 🌧

A very long day at work today. We had a new menu, so we were being trained. Got to try a little of each new item. But the downside I had lots of washing up to do!! A wet day kept us pretty quiet, so I could catch up with my prepping after the training.

How was your Monday?


Books I read in September

The Krinar Code…. A Krinar World Novel by Emma Castle TRC 👩🏻‍💻

The Krinar Eclipse….. A Krinar World Novel by Lauren Smith   TRC 👩🏻‍💻

A Lady Never Tells by Lynn Winchester TRC   👩🏻‍💻

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young 📖

Exercise is Murder by Carolyn Arnold TRC📱

Frost and Flame (Gods of War) book two by Gena Showalter TRC 👩🏻‍💻

Losing you by Susan Lewis 📖

Baptism by Max Kinnings 📖

Bound by blood (Bound Series) book 1 By Cynthia Eden 👩🏻‍💻

TRC …. The Reading Cafe (a blog I guest review for) 


Sunday’s Post ☁️

went to visit my sister today. I went by train to Eastleigh. Getting on was nice and quiet, the next stop brings on rowdy and possibly hungover college kids!!! Loud music, swearing and big wet bags being swung around!!! Telling everyone in the carriage (yes I ended up putting my headphones in!) that they had a great time last night, and that they were still drunk!! Then they rummaged around in a bag and pulled out a bottle of wine!! It’s wasn’t even 12 noon!! Luckily enough the guard asked them to move out of the “quiet carriage” the rest of the journey was a quiet one.

Spent the day helping my sister declutter her home. We took quite a few bags to a local charity shop. My dad took a few bags too!!!i don’t think she realised how much stuff she had!!

But in between all the mess and tidying up. We caught up, she told me more about her trip to Vancouver, and how her job was going.

I also got a lovely birthday present. A rose quart butterfly. I’ll pop it in the library, hang it in the window. A little bag, and a note book (always good for making notes)

How was your Sunday?


Book Review 📖

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young 


Jocelyn Butler has been hiding from her past for years. But all her secrets are about to be laid bare . . .

Four years ago, Jocelyn left her tragic past behind in the States and started over in Scotland, burying her grief, ignoring her demons, and forging ahead without attachments. Her solitary life is working well – until she moves into a new apartment on Dublin Street, where she meets a man who shakes her carefully guarded world to its core. 

Braden Carmichael is used to getting what he wants, and he’s determined to get Jocelyn into his bed. Knowing how skittish she is about entering a relationship, Braden proposes an arrangement that will satisfy their intense attraction without any strings attached. 

But after an intrigued Jocelyn accepts, she realizes that Braden won’t be satisfied with just mind-blowing passion. The stubborn Scotsman is intent on truly knowing her . . . down to the very soul.

My Review….. 

Jocelyn is a free thinking, highly independent young woman. She’s had to be, her parents and younger sibling died in a car crash, leaving Jocelyn alone at a young age (shipped off to be with relatives who didn’t really want her didn’t help her either)and  losing her best friend at a young age (her friend died in a drunken accident) which Jocelyn totally blames herself for. This has created a wall around Jocelyn’s heart, the only two people she’s let in (and really not all the way in) is her friend from college and the boyfriend. 
Jocelyn moves from America to Ireland. Going to college there she meets Rhia and her boyfriend James. They form a fast and firm friendship (but Jocelyn is wary of letting anyone else all the way in, if she does, and they die, then she’s worried for her wellbeing)
After her flat mate leaves, Jocelyn needs to find another flat to rent, she finds one on Dublin Street. Meeting Ellie the owner of the luxury flat, Jocelyn decides this is the space she can create her work (she an aspiring writer) she agrees to the rent, and Jocelyn moves in. But reminding her new flat mate that she doesn’t really talk about herself. And doesn’t want to get close. 
Braden is a hard working millionaire (but it’s not been handed to him, he took over from his father, and built the business to what it is now) he likes the ladies, but it’s never for too long, and if they show they want more, then Braden is off, and on to the next willing female. 
The sparks fly as soon as these two people meet, both Braden and Joss (as Jocelyn likes to be called) are attracted to one another, but Joss doesn’t really want to know. She doesn’t do relationships, and casual sex has long lost its appeal. But he does press all her buttons😉
Braden finally wears Joss down, they decide on a friends with benefits arrangement. It takes Joss a while to accept and enjoy the friendship that Braden offers. 
The story takes two steps forward, one step back. Joss is terrified of letting anyone in, no one really knows her, and she likes it that way, and she doesn’t want to know about Braden, she wants to keep it to sex (keep Braden in a box) 
But things take a turn when someone close to both Braden and Joss is taken Ill. 
Will Joss run? Will she risk her heart? And will Braden finally commit? 
We have a few characters that we meet along the way. (And I think a few get a book of their own) 
Hailed as a “fifty shades of grey” 
I wish they wouldn’t compare books to other books. 
(A) Braden didn’t have a scarred and horrendous past. He doesn’t have a penchant for “red rooms” or whips. 
(B) Jocelyn isn’t a timid little woman, she’s had a traumatic childhood, and so pushes people away. 
Really ….. can’t we just read a book for its content and not compare to other books? I’ve read the Fifty Shades of Grey series, and I can’t see any comparison!! 

On Dublin Street Series….. 
On Dublin Street 
Down London Road 
Before Jamaica Lane 
Castle Hill 


Saturday’s Post🌧

A busy day again at work (probably due to the fact we are rather short staffed!) Having to do the job of two people dies make the shift go quicker, but it’s also rather tiring!

Caught up with an old work colleague tonight. Had a lovely meal and chat, we had a laugh and watched the weekenders come out to party (it was raining, but that didn’t stop them)

I’m off to see my sister tomorrow, so a train journey and a catch up. In fact I have a feeling I’ll be helping her declutter her home😉

How was your Saturday?


Book Review 📱

Flame (Men of Inked: Heatwave Book 1) by Chelle Bliss 


Could you love a man surrounded by danger?

Gigi Gallo’s childhood was filled with the roar of a motorcycle and the hum of a tattoo gun. Fresh out of college, she’s about to start working at her family’s tattoo studio — Inked. But when she shows up the first day, she never expects to run into someone tall, dark, and totally sexy from her not-so-innocent past.

Pike Moore is a bossy biker with a cocky attitude and an even bigger ego. He came to Inked to start over. New town. New job. New roots. None of that included coming face-to-face with the hot chick who spent a week in his bed before she vanished without a trace.

But when Pike’s dark family history catches up with him, can he stop Gigi from being caught in the crossfire?

Flame is book one in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. The Men of Inked: Heatwave series features steamy romance, hot heroes, and strong women.

My Review….. 
Joey/City’s (book THROTTLE ME) daughter Gigi has all grown up  she’s aiming to take her place in the family business. Tattooing is all she’s ever known, and she’s excited to start the next chapter in her life. But she didn’t expect to run into past….. 
Pike can’t believe his eyes, after spending a passionate week with this woman, she just disappears on him, the last place he thought he’d see her was at his new job. And wouldn’t you know it, she’s the bosses daughter!!! Out of his league and if he wants to keep his job, then she needs to stay that way….. 
But the chemistry that drew them together, is still at work, they can’t keep their eyes or minds off of each other. It’s only a matter of time….. 
But time maybe running out. Pike’s past has caught up with him, and caught up Gigi too, he never wanted to hurt her, but things don’t always work out that way. 
What the hell has Pike brought to town? It could get messy, and people could get hurt. Can Gigi forgive Pike? Or will she watch him ride out of town forever? And what will Pike think when he finds out her real “age”!! 
This book is a spin off from her “The Men of Inked” you don’t need to read the precious series to enjoy this new series. But I might have to go and have a look at the old series 😉
I liked the chemistry between Gigi and Pike. I also liked the fact the series is a next generation series. Very descriptive, really well written. 
I have several tattoos so I know how the process works, so it was nice to read. 


Friday’s Post 🌧

Cheers everyone. A drink for you to try in a bar when your next out😉or to make at home

showers all day today. And a really busy day at work. Lots of guests visited the restaurant today. We were really busy. And whilst filling up the salad cart I got into a conversation with a lovely lady. She was a little forgetful and I think just wanted to chat, but I had lots to do. She wanted to know a lot (the chef cooking her food, where I lived) But stopping I did chat to her for a while. (Lots if questions) Then catching a young boy almost about to lick one of the plastic spoons in the container!!! Really don’t need that thanks, it was a full container of pasta😉 kept me busy, in between washing up, prepping salad and entertaining the guests😉

How was your Friday?


Pet Peeves 😠

As promised, another one of my pet peeves……

People who talk on phones whilst ……

Your at a checkout, do you need to still be talking? I find it really rude when a customer is still talking to you, but holding a conversation with the person at the other end of there phone!!

Or they ignore you and continue to chat on their phone!!!

Or they point at whatever they want!! Funnily enough I’m not a mind reader….. if I’m on the phone, I’ll tell the caller I need to ring them back, or I step out of the queue. 📱

Or when they have their phone on loud speaker!!! What is that all about? I don’t need to hear your conversation. Put it up to your ear, or put earbuds in your ears!!!

And finally ……

when your on the bus or train, and they are having a loud conversation in a quiet area!!! 🗣Or you can hear that tinny noise. Just turn it down a little. And leave the carriage, or text!!!

Anything that annoys you? Do you agree or disagree with my views?


Thursday’s Post 🌧

A few scattered showers started my day off from work today. Needed a few things in town, then off to see my bff, her youngest is on a half day today (something about needing to set the school up for an open day) so I grab lunch and head that way.

Managed to tidy my blog (I have a few things in the draft folder, I’ll take things out, look at it, then either finish it, or put it back on the folder) copies up a few more reviews (set them up on the calendar) still trying to finish off my holiday blog (I didn’t realise I’d written so much, next holiday I’m using my phone app, I’ll copy and paste😉) I also found a few more things to add to my blog, (pet peeves and general useless information)

Just wanted to add ….. THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME 🥳

That was my Thursday, how was yours?


My African Adventure 🦏

We got to watch the sun ride overlooking the scrub, the rock we were on reminded me of the scene in the lion king 😉with a cup of coffee in hand, we watched the sun coming up it was lovely to watch.

A 6am start today ….. with blankets in hand we make our way to the meeting point. Not the way I thought I’d start my birthday 😉but as we’d seen a few animals yesterday, I was eager to see more.

We got to see so many, and an ostrich or two, a few guinea fowl, springbok and warthogs.

And we got to see really close up ….. two lionesses, that was unexpected and worth the early morning. Seeing them in their own environment, their huge teeth as they yawned, (this is what I came to Africa for) watching them on the telly, is good, but seeing them so close, seeing them just look at you gave me goosebumps.

Bumping our way back to the lodge we continue to see the wildlife, we catch a brief glimpse of two giraffe in the distance. Getting back to the lodge, there was a heartbreak waiting for us. We had a hour or so to kill before going back to our hotel and civilisation (I could have stayed here for the rest of my holiday) so grabbing a quick shower, and packing the overnight bag, we sat around drinking coffee and just soaking up the peace and quiet.

Heading back to our hotel in Johannesburg was a jolt, going from the safari to “civilisation” the peace and quiet to the noise and built of the city (it was only for two days, but I could have stayed there longer)

We get back to the hotel, quickly unpack and then set out to see Johannesburg, we are on the move to Cape Town Sunday, and we haven’t walked up the hill I can see outside our window yet. So grabbing a bottle of water, we go and enjoy the sun.

The Union Building was at the top of the park. A huge statue of Nelson Mandela greeted us at the top. The park was lovely to walk around (shame we couldn’t go into the Union Building, but it was close to the public!!)

We get back to our room, and now I know why my husband and son were anxious to get me out of the hotel. The staff had decorated my room 😀 they’d made a beautiful cake, and I couldn’t wait to tuck in. We managed a huge slice each, and then popped the rest into the mini bar for later.

Dinner. And I made everyone dress up as it was still my birthday😉 had a lovely meal. We didn’t order dessert, as there was still plenty of cake to eat in my room, so we ordered coffee. The staff came out with coffee, and more cake !!!

We then headed out to the outside bar area, had our coffee, and watched the sun go down. Then back to the room where we had just a small piece of cake.

Last day in Johannesburg tomorrow before we start the next part of our holiday.


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

A Lady Never Tells by Lynn Winchester  


Richard Downing may be a viscount of impeccable character, but he’s bored beyond belief of dancing at balls, faking smiles, and making dull conversation. So when he stumbles upon a house maid with defiance in her striking blue eyes and a dagger hidden in her skirts…well, color him intrigued.

Raised with a rather…peculiar upbringing, Lady Victoria Daring is full of secrets and surprises. As part of His Majesty’s personal homeland spy network and as a master of disguises, Vic is charged with infiltrating high society to uncover the enemies hiding in plain sight.

But Richard is the first man to see through her disguises–and infiltrate deep into her heart. Too bad his family is at the top of her list of suspects…

My Review….. 

A female Victorian spy (that’s a new one on me) thinking it might be part of a new series. 

Victoria works with her family, but it’s not a normal family business…. Victoria is a spy!! She works infiltrating London’s society scene (finding out who are traitors to the crown) she a fighter and a good one, she’s also a master of disguise (going undercover is part of the job) her siblings have done their jobs, it’s now her turn……

Richard is bored….. bored with his endless existence. Bored with the same faces, going to the same homes, dancing with the same people. So when he comes across a young maid (he literally bumps into her) he’s curious, and later he sees her again, she has a dagger. Well that has him very intrigued. Who is she? And what is she up to? 

Meeting Richard is not on Victoria‘s agenda, she’s here to gather information and he’s getting in the way!! And more importantly he’s on the family’s list of people to spy on!!! 

Will Richard find out about the double life Victoria leads? And what will he think when he finds out she’s investigating his family? 

The differences in Victoria and Richard’s family life is very different. Victoria came from a large family with lots of love and laughter. Her father brought his daughters up to think for themselves and to have an opinion. Richard had only his brother, his family life sounds very cold and lonely. So meeting Victoria was probably like a breath of fresh air, she isn’t like the rest of the London society, she has a mind of her own, and isn’t afraid to speak out, and to see a woman fight was a novel experience for him too. 

I liked the characters very much, and hope to read more of Victoria’s siblings. The writing felt a little stilted at times, and it could have had a little more action, but other than that a nice afternoon read. 


Wednesday’s Post 🌧

It’s the middle of the week ….. happy hump day 😉

The rain was on and off today. One minute pouring down, the next a few spots. But we still have the mild weather, so I can’t really wear a coat (it’s too warm and I get sweaty) can’t wait for winter ❄️

Just the two of us till lunchtime today at work. So luckily enough it wasn’t too busy. Spent some of my time on wash up, but most of it in prepping the salad cart for tomorrow (it’s my day off) and chasing guests around the salad cart (they seemed to think the tongs went with them around the cart!!!!) I must have washed those tongs at least half a dozen times!!!

How was your Wednesday? Did you stay dry?


Tuesday’s Post 🌧

Rain ☔️ rain ☔️ rain ☔️

What a day….. a damp walk to work today. Delivery day as well, but pleasantly surprised, it had almost been put away by the time I’d got in. A delay in starting to serve guests, we had issues with the electrics and the gas!!! Ovens weren’t coming on and water was pouring into the filters!!! But the maintenance man came and sorted it 😉 whilst waiting to serve guests, the waitresses gave out bowls for the salad!!! Great!!! Everyone descended and decimated my salad cart 🤪bread rolls didn’t fare that well either. I seemed to be running around after the guests, filling containers and bread baskets left right and centre. I got to do desserts and wash up today (what a surprise not a full team on board today) luckily enough it was steady, so I could keep on top of it.

I got a lovely surprise from work today. I got some really nice gifts for my birthday.

How was your Tuesday? Did you stay dry?


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Exercise is Murder (McKinley Mysteries) Book 12 …. by Carolyn Arnold


Getting in shape isn’t an easy walk in the park…..

Running junkie Katie Carpenter takes a tumble down a ravine and ends up facedown in the Hudson River. The police conclude her death was an accident, but those who were close to Katie aren’t buying that she just tripped and fell—including her pro-athlete boyfriend. But it’s Katie’s fitness trainer and friend who hires the McKinleys to investigate. 

Anything but an easy case to solve, Sean and Sara will break a sweat trying to figure out who had the most to gain from the young woman’s death. Sadly for Sean most of the evidence seems stacked against Katie’s boyfriend—a man Sean idolizes. Can he put aside being starstruck long enough to view things objectively? If Katie’s killer is going to be caught, he and Sara will need to remain flexible and it might require bending the rules a bit.

Romance. Humor. Murder. Are you looking for a murder mystery without all the graphic violence and foul language? Something that you can enjoy in an afternoon and walk away feeling good about afterward? 
How about a dash of humor and romance? If so, meet former detectives Sean and Sara McKinley. 
When a billionaire leaves them all his money, they no longer have to work, but they find themselves sticking to what they’re good at—solving murders. Undercover, off the books, and around the world, they’ll get to the bottom of things…and romance it up along the way.

Read in any order or follow the series from the beginning: 
The Day Job is Murder
Vacation is Murder 
Money is Murder 
Politics is Murder
Family is Murder 
Shopping is Murder
Christmas is Murder
Valentine’s Day is Murder
Coffee is Murder
Skiing is Murder
Halloween is Murder
Exercise is Murder

My Review….. 
This is the 12th book in the McKinley Mysteries series. I haven’t read any of the previous books, but they are all different stories, so you don’t have to read them in any order. 
Sean and Sara are investigators for “Pay It Forward Investigations”  (Quick recap) Sara and Sean used to work for Albany police department, and they would still be there if it hadn’t been for Sean and a random act of kindness to an elderly gentleman. And who in turn paid it forward ….. The man was in fact a multimillionaire, and so Sean and Sara were rich overnight……
The couple are called in after a murder involving a runner is committed. (Their personal trainer has asked for they’re help) 
There aren’t many suspects, and sadly for Sean his idol is in the frame (Levi is a pitcher for a baseball team)  
The police have closed the case and called it an accident, but Sean wants to find out more, the more he listens to the detective, the more he thinks they aren’t really interested, it’s an open and shut case!!!! 
As the case evolves, both Sean and Sara are convinced it wasn’t an accident. If it was Levi, then why? 
I have to admit I’m not usually a fan of husband and wife duo’s (I instantly think of the old 80’s telly series “Hart to Hart”) but I was pleasantly surprised, it’s really well written, Sean and Sara bounce along pretty well. Plenty of laughs and a few surprises. And the fact they don’t have a perfect marriage (Sara finds out that Sean is a huge sports fan and kept it from her) it doesn’t seem like much, but if it’s important to Sean then Sara wants to know, she feels a little hurt, is there anything else he’s hiding? Is there more to her husband than meets the eye? 
We have a few characters that have been in previous books, and they all seem relevant to the story (nothing worse than having people that aren’t really needed in the story) 
It’s a short story, so it won’t take long to find out whodunnit. 
And the murderer is …..
Well you will have to read to find that bit out😉


Monday’s Post 🌧

You can tell summer is gone and autumn is creeping up on us.

A mild start to the day, but ending up raining and cold.

Busy day at work. With the launch of a new menu next week, it’s staff training time again.

A busy day as well, the weather didn’t really deter them. It made the day go a little quicker, but it was hard work just two of us (when really there should be at least four of us, especially over the lunch period)

Hoping to start a new project this week, I’ll let you know more by the end of the week.

How was your Monday?


My African Adventure 🐘

The view as I enter the lift. It’s the walls for the reception area. It makes it look like it’s a window. my Safari outfit (had to go with the khaki😉

This is my room 💜leopardsong Safari lodge. View from my front door. It’s so peaceful.

A quick breakfast in the hotel, and then we are picked up for our overnight stay at a safari lodge.

I’m imagining all types of things, from mud huts, to a large tent!!!

What we get is a lovely lodge area. There is a communal dining area, a bar, a mini pool and outside cooking area.

And the rooms ….. they are a lovely surprise, from the outside they have a look of a old type hut, but inside they are done to look modern and comfy. The high ceilings are to accommodate the fan, and looking up, you see it’s thatched. I did wonder if we would get any eight legged visitors (🕷) But we were told it’s not the right season for them yet 😉

We have a few hours before we go on out late afternoon safari, so I quickly unpack the overnight bag, and we go explore. Coming across a meerkat was a nice surprise, the antelope were a surprise, they wander around and nibble on the vegetation, and in the distance are zebra. Susan (the manager of the lodge) said they roam around free, they are all ok, but not to get too close to them (mating season begins soon, and fights can start out!!) we take a walk up to the gate we will enter (electrified and warned !!) looks like a scene from Jurassic Park (well the gates aren’t THAT big!!)

We get to the meeting place, and we are all given a thick blanket (it’s still cold in the evening, and the jeep is all open, so the wind is pretty cold. We will want them for the journey back.

Setting out in the jeep,

The ride is a bumpy one, on the way we see zebra and the Kudu that wander around the lodge area. Big electric gates open ….. all we see is miles of scrubland and dried grass area (I’d love to see this area when it’s green and lush.)

We have a driver/warden called Kael, he is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. He gets everyone looking for animals, he points out their tracks, and gives us a brief description of what to look out for.

We got to see Zebra, water buffalo, Wildebeest and Rhino. Giraffe made an appearance towards the end of the safari. But the highlight ….. had to be the lioness tracking her prey !!! It was like a scene from a wildlife program.

Watching the animals in there natural habitat bears any zoo, this is what I came to Africa to see. To watch them in their natural habitat will be a memory I will treasure forever.

We drove around the reserve for almost three hours, we watched the sun set, and then made our way back to the lodge, where there was a lovely meal waiting for us.

And the staff had made a cake as a surprise, it was a lovely way to end my Pre-birthday.

We then had a drink around the fire, before turning in for the night.

Tomorrow we are up at 6am for the sunrise safari 😀


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Bound by blood By Cynthia Eden 


Vampires and werewolves have been blood enemies for centuries, but now a new threat is rising… demons are escaping from hell and those demons are intent on wiping out both the vamps and the werewolves. 
In order to stop the demons, pureblood vampire princess Morgan LaBeaux agrees to the treaty offered by werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn. She’ll mate with him, share her blood with him… and in return, the wolves will aid the vampires in this battle. 
But Morgan doesn’t realize just how dangerous the wolves can truly be. 
Jace has been waiting years to claim her. He’s set a trap for his princess, and now that he has her, Jace doesn’t plan to let her go. He’ll send the demons back to hell, and he’ll keep his vampiress—forever.

My Review…… 

This is the start of a new series. (Bound) 
Jace is the leader of a werewolf pack. He’s lead with his fists and claws. He’s a fair leader, but he doesn’t take any crap!!! 
He’s made a deal with the local vampire coven, a mating to make the alliance stronger. But Jace has an ulterior motive, well two in fact….. 
Morgan LaBeaux is a vampire princess (the elite in their world) on her twenty fifth birthday she had to give up the sun and drink blood (a different way to most vampire stories) that was a long time ago, but she still remembers the sun, she still baulks at taking blood, but she needs it to survive. 
Walking into the werewolf bar isn’t the best idea Morgan has had, but she needs to show strength, she needs to show them (and Jace) that she’s not afraid (but she’s terrified) and she needs the werewolves on her coven’s side in the oncoming battle. (Demons are surfacing, and they are making humans aware that they aren’t alone in the world) so she’s there to form an alliance with Jace and his pack, but Morgan has a secret herself, will she be able to hold up get end of the bargain? Or will she honour the plan she made with her coven? 
All of Jace’s plans are coming together, he gets added bodies to fight the Demons that are coming, extra help to close the gate from where they are coming from. And he gets Morgan… he’s wanted (and loved her) for years, he’s protected her from a distance. And now she’s almost his mate. But Jace is hiding a secret, and if Morgan finds out, then she will probably leave him in a heartbeat!! 
The story is fast paced, lots of fighting. A fair amount of hot sex too. We also have the Demons to contend with, and a bad guy who’s helping them to come through the gate. 
It’s a fun read, and I’ll probably continue with the series. 
Bound Series ….. 
Bound in Blood 
Bound in Darkness 
Bound in Sin 
Bound by the Night 
Bound in Death 


Sunday’s Post 🌂

We went to the Newbury show today.

It use to be an agricultural show, now it’s more of a family show, you can see tractors, watch judges look at sheep and cows. Go look at flowers and wander through crafts and homemade items.

The weather wasn’t brilliant, but we managed to look round it all before it started to drizzle. We took that as our queue to leave. Had lunch out, before coming home and doing some tidying up (putting away the last of the holiday clothes)

Hope your weekend was a good one? How was your Sunday?


Book Review 📖

Baptism by Max Kinnings 


07:45am. A monk lies dead in Snowdonia, a knife protruding from his throat. 

A young family is being held at gunpoint in a house in Wimbledon. 

The mission has begun. 

08:56am. A London Underground train is stationary in a tunnel, four hundred passengers trapped inside. All efforts to communicate with it have been met with silence. 

09:15am. DCI Ed Mallory has just started his day. The Met’s top hostage negotiator – despite having been blinded thirteen years earlier – Mallory is about to discover that, today, an underground train is not the only thing on the line.

My Review…… 
The scene is set, we have the characters in place….. 
Mallory is the Metropolitan Police’s top negotiator. He’s good at his job, he seems to catch more details than most, is that because for the last thirteen years Mallory has lived with blindness? 
A terrorist cell are holding hostages, and its Mallory’s job to negotiate their release. It’s a tense time. Is he successful? And what do the terrorists want? 
And that poor Tibetan Monk!! What role does he have in this? 
The plot reminded me of a Clive Cussler Novel (lots of strands all coming together from different directions) 
It’s a very good book, and I found it hard to put down. We get a little background on the characters, but not enough to bog you down with. 
And who lives and who dies? It kept me on my toes, and it’s not till almost the end do you find that out. 

Friday’s Post

Back to work today. And boy was it hard!! I’ve just had almost three weeks off, hoped for a gentle easing back into work, but that wasn’t to be!!! It was me and the chef today, till 3pm!!! Made it a hard day, but it did go pretty quick 😉

Hope you had a good Friday?

What’s your plans for the weekend?


My African Adventure ✈️

This is my travel penguin. I try to take him everywhere I go. This is my husband. We get to the hotel in Johannesburg, and now he’s trying to get on the WiFi!!!!

This is my So, he loves to update his instagram and FB account 😉I think he tweets, but I’m not sure. And me 😉looking slightly tired (it was a long flight)

And Percy my Penguin needed to chill too.

The Hotel we stayed in. Very nice.

After checking in, the boys needed feeding ….

Our room, loved the huge bed. And seating for my reading and journal writing.

View from my window. Right at the top is The Union Building. We are going to hopefully walk up to it the next few days.

Percy needs a nap after a loooooong flight

Diary entry ……..

Due to depart Heathrow at 19.05 (7.05pm) we actually left at 19.08, which wasn’t too bad considering the amount of people we needed to get on the plane (and there we a few who were making loud noises in the queue)

I think hubby was hoping we were going to be upgraded, and was a little disappointed when we had to walk past the comfy seats. My son had warned him the flight was full (but hubby was hoping my son was going to surprise us) but we were sitting together, so I didn’t worry.

Hubby had the window and I was sat next to the aisle, my son sat in the front and had an empty seat next to him. He turned and said he was glad he could stretch out. But no such luck …… A gentleman went and sat in the empty seat (my sons face was a picture) but that wasn’t the best bit, the man chatted to my son the WHOLE ELEVEN HOUR FLIGHT!!!! My son was hoping to catch a film, then sleep. The man was either a nervous flier or lonely!!! The only time he was quiet was when there was food being handed out😦

Hubby didn’t fare much better either, he had a student behind him who had either too much sugar or was just really hyped and a first time flier ….. he bounced, he whooped, he must have had headphones on, because any conversation was at a very high level….. the only time he was quiet, was when he was eating.

I didn’t watch a film, I’d brought books and a diary to write. I did catch a little nap, but it was a little cramped and awkward to sleep for too long. So I got plenty of reading done, and wrote in my diary. I also listened to my music and a few chapters of an audio.

Whilst reading I made a few notes on a Post it pad. The lady sat in the aisle seat opposite me was fascinated. She asked if I was a beta reader, I said no, just a blogger. I didn’t want to drain my phone by listening to music and writing notes on my phone (but it works have been easier to copy and paste 😉

We had a few children on the plane, and keeping them occupied was a full time job. It did remind me of when we took the kids on holiday when they were younger (I had them both a bag filled with books, colouring and a few small toys, and snacks) but it was a pretty quiet and smooth flight, once the lights were turned down, most of the passengers settled down too.

Technically it’s day two, but as we are still on the plane, I’m going to add this as day one still…..

Landing wasn’t too bad. Getting off the plane was simple enough, and even passport control wasn’t too bad. Waiting for the suitcases to arrive on the carousel was fun🙄 and it brought back memories of waiting for suitcases with the kids. (Now we travel on our own, it a couple of small suitcases and we take them on the plane with us, easier and quicker)

We had transport laid on, courtesy of the hotel we are staying at. Looking for our name on a board, we spot our driver and we are whisked away to the car.

Driving through the airport and onto the African motorway, I was struck with how brown everything was. In fact it didn’t take much imagination to see a Spanish landscape (I didn’t expect to see wildlife, but I just imagined something else!!) But the driver was chatting to my son, explains they are just coming into their spring/summer season, so that’s why it was looking so drab, once the rains come in the spring, the summer will look lush and green (almost made me want to come back for the summer) but the summer is sooooo much hotter, so we got sun but not the really hot sun that comes with October/November.

Approaching the place we will call home for the next five days, the Sheraton is a majestic looking building. And walking through their large revolving doors, you got that sense of stepping back in time. Very austere, very grand.

Heading towards check-in we are asked if we’d like a drink. Bottles of water are given out, and I’m directed to an area where I can grab a coffee and a muffin. Sitting down I watch hubby and my son check us in.

It’s not long before a man with our luggage on a cart is taking us up to our rooms.

We have a beautiful room. Large bed, en-suite. And a nice seating area where I can read and write. The window looks out onto a park, and at the top is a building (we find out later it’s a council building)

Unpacking and sorting out clothes for five days (then off to Cape Town, so I don’t want to unpack it all. Toiletries in the bathroom. Kindle and books on my side of the bed. I grab a travel handbag I always take on holiday. And we pop out to stretch our legs and see a little of Pretoria……

We’ve had a quick look around the town, but there really isn’t too much local, we would have to get a taxi so the larger town nearby.

Back in the hotel we chill and decide to eat here. Then pack an overnight bag for my safari adventure tomorrow.

Shower then an early night. It’s been a long day.

Pet Peeves 😠

Going to share a few of my pet peeves. Things that annoy me …..

Rude Mobility scooter users…..

I don’t have a problem with mobility scooters, it’s the people who use them. It’s the ones that think they have a right to almost run you over, it’s the ones that like to drive so close to you in the supermarket that you feel you should be a hood ornament!!! It’s the ones that don’t say thank you if you open a door, step aside to let you go past. And the ones that like to toot their horn to make you move…..

I’ve had incidents where I’ve been almost run over, my husband in fact was run over by one, and the woman carried on her way.

I’ve been tooted, and I always walk close to the walk or bush when I walk. I think they like to make you jump!!

And the supermarket…. I know you can’t reach, but do you really need to follow me around on that thing??

And when you see them going into the betting shop, leave the scooter outside, then speed across to the supermarket, and then drive straight in, I do get a little annoyed. If you can park it outside, then you can park it outside the supermarket!!

Bikes on the pavement….

I understand young kids on the pavement. But a convoy of bicycles!! Come on!!! That’s why we have lanes for you. And when they look at you as if it’s your fault they have to slow down ….. it’s a pavement love!!! Not a bicycle lane !!!

Or when they decide they need to ride along side each other, and you have to dive into a bush, so you don’t get mowed down!!!

Oh and I don’t think you need to shout “oi move” when I don’t hear you coming up behind me!!! And speeding through an underpass ….. you scare the life out of me sometimes !!!

I’ve got a few more pet peeves. I’ll keep them coming. Is there anything that annoys you ??

Thursday’s Post 👩🏻‍💻

I know I haven’t been on here for a few days (have you missed me?)😉 been trying to sort my diary out to tell you about my trip. (Some of the writing is a little messy) but I’m getting there, and I have to admit I’ve totally forgotten my daily pictures and posts 🙏 sorry.

But as I was out today, I remembered, so here is my Thursday Post ……

popped into town to grab a few things for the BFF, I popped into my favourite shop (sniff the books and have a two minute browse) and what do I find?!? I have to be a good girl and wait for the paperback copy. I’ve managed to listen to my audio on this book, so a review is in the process of being done.

Thinking I might have to take my penguin into the shop one day and get a few sneaky photos 😉

Sun was out today and it was lovely. Lunch with the BFF and a film on Netflix

It’s actually from a series by JO Nesbo (Harry Hole Detective Series) and I think I’ve read one of his books (but can’t find it on my GoodReads app🤔) but I’m definitely interested in reading the book, and maybe the series?!


Book Review 📖

Losing you by Susan Lewis 

Back Cover….. 

Lauren Scott is bright, talented and beautiful. At eighteen, she is the most precious gift in the world to her mother, and has a dazzling career ahead of her.

Oliver Lomax is a young man full of promise, despite the shadow his own, deeply troubled, mother casts over him.

Then one fateful night, Oliver makes a decision that tears their worlds apart.

Until then, Lauren and Oliver had never met, but now they become so closely bound together that their families are forced to confront truths they hoped they’d never have to face, secrets they’d never even imagined…

My Review….. 

We have a few main characters and their cast, most of them get a fair amount of book, so you have to assume they all play a part in this book….. 
We have Emma and her ex Will and his new family (Emma has more of a major role and is mum to Lauren)  
We have Lauren who is a music student, she has a large circle of friends, pretty and well liked, her grades are good, and Mum never has any problems with her daughter. 
We have Sylvie and Graham, married to one another, but Sylvie has a problem, she’s an alcoholic, her family are at their wits end, and after she smashes up a love rival for her husband (it’s not like that, she’s Graham’s work colleague) car, Graham knows that it’s time to call it a day, his boys don’t need to be dragged into this mess on an almost daily basis (granted they are in their twenties) but who needs to see their mother like that? But Sylvie keeps telling everyone that Graham has a secret, and unless she’s allowed home, she’s going to tell the world. 
He have Oliver (Graham’s second son) and he is also bright and popular having a large circle of mates.  Oliver has always been closer to mother than dad, but he knows his dad loves him (but mum has slowly been poisoning her son, she tells Oliver, that Charlie is and will always be his favourite child!!) and Oliver doesn’t want his dad to help him get a job (Graham is a producer) he wants to gain respect through his own merit, not off his dad’s name. 
And Oliver’s brother Charlie (he’s studying to be a lawyer.) pretty patient with both his parents. Charlie and Oliver have a great sibling relationship. 
We then have a cast of friends and others, these are all slowly introduced and also have their own little stories (i don’t think it detracts from the main storyline) 
The book then begins to weave the story, Emma is trying to find work, getting an interview, and maybe a new job. She’s also worrying about her debt (and lack of money) it’s her own fault really, she blames the fact she was pretty naive about the business world, and now after losing her little business and her home (to pay off the debtors) Emma has to start over again. Oh … and is she reading too much into the cryptic clues her daughters English teacher keeps sending her? Does he like her? Will she have the nerve to chase him? The reason Emma is in debt…. her husband convinced her to let him manage her company, then fell in love with someone else, but that’s not all…. he didn’t really know what he was doing, and so bankrupted Emma’s little business, but he’s not worried, his new girlfriend (and eventually wife) is from money, but it doesn’t stop them from bleeding Emma dry!!! 
The story then goes about putting these two young people together, not in the usual way, but in a way that will change these two families forever!!! 
Oliver NEVER drinks and drives, he’s watched his mum for years battle with alcoholism, he’s seen what it can do, yes he gets drunk, but never gets behind a wheel. But all that changes in a split second …. His mum rings him and tells him goodbye, that it would be better if she wants here!!! In a panic Oliver believes she’s going to commit suicide!!! Racing to his car, his only thought is of his mum, and trying to get to her before anything happens, but something happens and it’s not what Oliver expects ……. 
Lauren is in the middle of nowhere!!! Having lied to her mum about where she is going, and who she’s going to be with, she’s now stuck with a broken down car!!! No signal from her phone, Lauren decides to walk and try to find help. 
Thump!!!! Oh god no!!! Please don’t let it be anything major…. that’s Oliver’s first thought, getting out of the car, it’s worse than he first thought!!! It’s a girl!!! How the hell did he hit her? Where did she come from? (Yes he was speeding, and he wasn’t thinking clearly) all types of thoughts run through his head (does he run? Does he phone the ambulance? Where did she come from? And why didn’t he see her?) 
Finding a weak signal he phones for an ambulance, praying that the girl lives, he waits with her till it arrives …… 
We then see how the fight for Lauren’s life affects both the families (Lauren’s parents want their daughter to survive, then anger surfaces and then they want justice fir their daughter) the consequences of a drunken mother’s phone call to her son (prison probably) each set of parents blaming themselves and then each other. 
And along the way, Oliver falling for Lauren (finding her on social media and following her life) realising that he has possibly killed the one person he could be with and be himself. 
It’s very slow in the beginning…. do we need all that background? I think we do, we need to know where Lauren and Oliver come from. Oliver isn’t a bad lad, he just didn’t think. Lauren isn’t a bad person for lying to her mum, but if she’s been honest, then this probably won’t have happened. 
A few surprises along the way (one I didn’t see coming) but well worth persevering with it. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Frost and Flame (Gods of War) book 2 by Gena Showalter.


Book two of this series sees Bane watching his Queen murder his wife!!!! Vowing revenge he sets about the task his queen has set him, but with a twist all of his own…. 
He has been tasked in finding and killing the next Queen of Adwaeweth (a realm outside Earth) but after watching his wife being killed (Bane refused to leave his home world, he didn’t want to leave his wife so she was slaughtered in front of him.) he has sworn to find and protect the princess, so that she can kill the queen and Bane will be free. 
Coming to Earth (or Terra) was easy, joining in the war of all wars was easy, being caught in ice by a human Viking ….. that stung!!! But Bane and the rest of the immortals battling were all frozen. And there they stay …… 
Nola is adopted sister of Vale (remember her? She was the heroine In book one) she has Lupus, and is in constant pain, and when she doesn’t have lupus, she has Fibromyalgia, fighting these diseases takes its toll on Nola, but she’s not a quitter, she’s not a moaner either. 
Nola and Vale have booked a holiday together, Scandinavia and then onto Russia (Nola has been having dreams for years about travelling to Russia to free a Golden God) 
Oh I might have forgotten to mention ….. The queen can still the beast that lives inside Bane (he carries a dragon like creature inside him) and command him (so although he tried to fight to save his wife, he was commanded not to move) so pledging himself to another Queen of Adwaeweth isn’t what Bane wants, but the queen and princess will have to fight, and he’s hoping with enough training, the new princess will be able to defeat the Queen.
Getting to Russia, Vale and Nola are forced to seek shelter in a cabin, lack of food forces them out two weeks later, they need to find help, they need to be rescued. What they get is a whole lot of muscle and trouble…… 
Oh …… and if the princess becomes the Queen…. apparently she becomes a really spiteful and horrid person !!! (Bane knows first hand, he was betrothed to the Princess before she became the Queen, The Blood Rite they have to endure, changes them as a person, they become evil and twisted) !!! 
Bane has to rescue Nola from one of the other immortals (Zion) as Zion teleports her away to his lair….. 
In between the fighting, the combat training  (there is sex) and the storytelling, Bane realises what he had for his dead wife doesn’t compare to his feelings for Nola, but a vow is a vow, he will kill the reigning Queen, or die trying, but now he doesn’t really want to die, he wants a life and family with Nola. 
But will he get it? By all accounts Nola could turn as the last Queen did, becoming spiteful and vindictive….. Has he traded one bad Queen for another? And this one will tear out his heart if he loses Nola!! 
The story is a fast paced action packed read. Very descriptive (and a little gory in places) but the author has written another good book to the series. (In fact I like this better than the first book) 
Hoping Zion gets a book, as he played a major role in this book. 


Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

For Better or For Wolf (Paranormal Wedding Planners Book 4) by AE Jones 

“Relationship” is not a four-letter word.

Olivia Jennings is all about following the rules. A psychiatrist with a tragic past, she dedicates her life to helping others. Controlling all aspects of her life—especially relationships—protects her battered heart. But when she learns supernaturals exist, her carefully constructed world crumbles. Drawn into counseling a werewolf pack, she butts heads with the ridiculously handsome but infuriating wolf determined to protect her.

Connor Dawson is all about bucking the status quo. He’s not looking for commitment or love. In fact, after being rejected by his pack, he’s certain he’s immune to that particular emotion. But when Olivia inserts herself into wolf business, his hackles stand straight up. No one is more surprised than Connor when their teasing banter turns into serious attraction.

When Olivia and Connor are thrown into the middle of a pack war, things heat up…with an attempted murder, a political power struggle, and their sizzling chemistry. Will this explosive situation finally bring them together—or blow them apart?

For Better or For Wolf is the fourth book in the paranormal wedding planners romance series. 

Paranormal Wedding Planners
In Sickness and In Elf……. 

From This Fae Forward
To Have and To Howl

For Better or For Wolf
For Witch or For Poorer
Till Demon Do Up Part

My Review….. 

I’ve read the three previous books in this series and loved them, so I couldn’t wait to see how book four turns out ….. 
Olivia is a psychiatrist, but things from her past have turned her into a bit of a control freak. She doesn’t have time for love, but she does have time for others. She likes to put things in order and helping others helps restore the order of things. 
Connor is part of an unofficial law enforcement team tasked with making sure paranormals didn’t kill each other or, if they do, then don’t let the humans know about it. The humans aren’t suppose to know the paranormals exist. (Half of his team we’ve met in previous books) 
When Olivia finds out that there is “other” beings besides humans in the world, her “ordered” world starts to crumble, but Olivia pulls herself together and says yes to helping the werewolf pack, and wouldn’t you know it, the first supernatural she meets is Connor (but she didn’t know he was a werewolf at the time, she threw a drink in his face after mistaking him for another person!!) 
Connor can’t wait to hunt down the woman who threw a drink in his face, but work comes first, and going into the building he works as security for (the wedding business in book one) the last person he expects to see is the young lady who drowned him in a Pina colada!!! 
Connor acts as a bodyguard for Olivia, he’s there to protect her whilst she works with the werewolf pack, (the alpha is entering an arranged marriage with a rival pack)  but there is something about her that intrigues both the man and wolf, but Connor doesn’t do relationships, he’s all for one night stands and good times, but as he spends more time with Olivia, he might just have to change his opinion. 
We also have the matter of Sullivan (the new pack alpha,) he’s been shot, who and why? That’s what Connor aims to find out whilst he’s here. (Connor and his twin were banished by the old alpha, apparently twin wolf cubs are a reason to celebrate!!) But the new alpha wants them back in the pack. 
The one liners in this book are snappy and quick, the interaction with previous couples was a nice touch. It had odd moments of hilarity and a few touching and tender moments. An excellent addition the the series. 


My African Adventure ✈️

I’m off to South Africa today. Going with my husband and son.

Taking Percy my adventurous Penguin as always. My suitcase is packed and my flight bag is full of things to keep me occupied.

Been told by my son (who is ex cabin crew) to dress smart as we may get a chance of being upgraded.

Arrive at my sons home, he’s not ready yet!! So I go for a walk and grab a quick snack whilst I’m waiting 😉

I’m going to Post a day at a time. (luckily enough I wrote a diary to help me)

I’ll continue tomorrow……

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Krinar Code…. A Krinar World Novel by Emma Cast


She isn’t supposed to fall in love with him… He’s one of the aliens who invaded Earth.

Harper King is like most humans—she works hard at her job and does her best not to think too much about the Krinar. 

The mysterious aliens took over her planet five years ago, and since then, rumors have surrounded them… whispers of super strength and speed, incredible beauty, and advanced technology. 

Harper should hate them, since her parents died the day they invaded, but something about the infamous Krinar fascinates her. 

Little does she know that the sinfully gorgeous drifter who rescues her from a bar fight will give her the close encounter she’s always dreamed of.

Sef is supposed to be infiltrating a human resistance group, not seducing sweet little human females. But from the moment he sets eyes on Harper, he knows he must have her and will do anything to possess her. Using his human disguise, he lures Harper into his arms and his bed. When it’s far too late for her to escape him, he reveals that he’s a Krinar, one of the powerful and terrifying aliens she’s always wanted to meet. 

He gives her a choice: to save her brothers, she must give herself to him—heart, body, and soul.

Will she choose her dark, seductive alien lover to save her family? Or will she resist the secret desires of her own heart in order to be free?

My Review…… 
We first meet Sef in The Krinar Eclipse (he’s Soren’s twin brother) he’s been altered to look more human, he’s been assigned to find, infiltrate and eliminate any resistance fighters that he comes across. But what he finds instead, is a beautiful thing woman on the wrong side of a human males fist!!! 
Tending to her, he realises he may have just found a new toy!!! Krinar are rarely monogamous, but after seeing his brother happy with his “charl” that’s beloved or soulmate in his language, Sef wonders if it’s a one off.
Harper is a hard working human. By day she works in a garage as the mechanic, and in the evenings she works in the bar adjoined to the garage. The bar belongs to her family (her brothers usually run it) she helps out when she can, or when the brothers need her to fill in. Her brothers are resistant fighters. They have been ever since first contact was made, there were pockets of fighting, but no one is a match for the Krinar. 
After saving Harper from a bar full of angry men, he tends to her bruised face. He’s annoyed that she doesn’t have protection. But seducing this tasty human shouldn’t be his priority, he needs to finds the resistance fighters in this area. But one taste won’t hurt, will it? 
Finding out Seth is in fact a dreaded and feared Krinar, and it’s Sef both Seth is bad enough, but when he tells Harper that he knows her brothers are part of the resistance fighters, they will be found and they will be ended!!!! But he’s willing to negotiate…… be his for as long as he wants her, no resistance, her body is to be his and his alone, then he will forget he’s seen her brothers. 
Harper likes Sef, but to be forced to be his….. her choice has been taken away, so it becomes a battle of wills, he may have her body ….. but her heart and soul!!! Never!!!! 
Again it’s a short story from the author. (Same author just another Pen name) We get a little more information on both the resistance and the Krinar people. They think they are entitled to this planet, they find the resistance an irritation, but it’s growing, so things must be done. Enter our hero (another arrogant Krinar) Sef. (Twin to Soren) 
I liked Harper, her dyslexia was handled well (too many authors can come across as unfeeling or condescending) she loved her family and there wasn’t nothing she wouldn’t do to save them. 
We get a little more on the Krinar people. Cramming a lot of information into a novella is always difficult, how much to add, add too much and it just seemed jumbled. Could it be made longer? I think so, there was so much more we could have heard about. I like this world, and I’ll have to come back and visit it soon😉

Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Krinar Eclipse….. A Krinar World Novel by Lauren Smith


Bianca Wells, the President’s daughter, experiences a close encounter with the aliens who invaded Earth five years ago. 

The Krinar are powerful, attractive, but also mysterious. There is one in particular she can’t get out of her head—the seductive Krinar Ambassador named Soren. With his hauntingly beautiful eyes and god-like body, he invades her dreams, spinning sensual encounters that leave her aching and breathless. But he, like the others of his kind, is dangerous. With impossible speed and strength, wielding incredible intelligence and advanced technology, the Krinar control this planet and every human on it. Bianca should want nothing to do with Soren. A single touch from him might cause an interstellar war. But after one scorching, forbidden kiss, she’ll risk everything to be with him.

Soren came to Earth to ensure the survival of his people, but now he has one desire: to possess the brave and irresistible Bianca. Knowing he could destroy peaceful relations with the humans if anyone sees him with her, he takes matters into his own hands, rescuing her from an assassin. After one “big-bang” of a kiss, he knows he can’t let her go home. She belongs to him, and he will break every rule in his carefully controlled world to keep her.

After their forbidden night of passion, Bianca enters Soren’s dark, seductive world. But her new life as Soren’s woman puts a target on her back, and her status as First Daughter only makes things worse. As enemies surface all around them, Bianca realizes she will have to trust Soren with her heart, even if it means giving up her freedom.

My Review…….
New series for me, so I opened up the kindle and jumped in ….. 
Bianca is the presidents daughter, and Instead of celebrating her birthday with a car, she’s being told by her father that they are being “invaded”, at first Bianca thinks it’s all a joke, until a being enters the room, without using the door!!!! 
The Krinar are here, and they aren’t going anywhere ……. 
We jump five years the Krinar have total control of the planet…..
Ambassador Soren has watched this planet for a very long time. And when it was time for his people to act, Soren was one of the first aliens to make contact. They were more powerful than any of the humans, it wasn’t going to take much effort to subdue them. This planet had so much to offer, and so the Krinar decide to take it back …… 
Thousands of years ago, the Krinar had tinkered with the lifeforms on Earth. They mixed the original DNA with Krinar DNA, so technically we are part alien!! 
Bianca can’t believe it, Soren is back in her dreams and now her life. Why won’t he look at her in that cold clinical way he did five years ago? Why is he looking at her in a hot and naughty way? They know they shouldn’t be together (but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about him) and if it does, then wars will break out. Is it really worth it? He’s gorgeous, but women are just playthings to the Krinar.
In all of his 8,000 years of living, no one has stirred him as much as Bianca does, he fools himself into thinking he’s keeping an eye on her (she is the presidents daughter after all) to keep her safe from the resistance (they target sympathisers) But ever since he met her five years ago, he’s thought of her at odd moments, and now he has to interact with her again. He’s not sure if he can resist the young lady she has become. He’d wants nothing more than to sink into her body and her blood. But to do so would break the treaty and start a war that would possibly destroy this fragile planet. 
So do Soren and Bianca risk war? Will she be able to walk away when he is done with her? Will he be able to give her up? And what about the resistance fighters? Will they be able to drive the Krinar off this planet? 
Being just a novella, there is a lot packed into this story. Could it have been longer? Yes, it could’ve easily been a novel. A few things needed fleshing out, but being a short story, some of those things had to be sacrificed. I found it easy to dislike Soren (he came across as arrogant at first) and to roll my eyes at Bianca. But in the end….. I liked the book. 
Apparently this is an ongoing world where other authors contribute. I haven’t read any of the other books. It was a different approach (earth being manipulated thousands of years ago, to host a new life form) and I liked the idea. 

Wednesday’s Post ✈️

Just a quick one.

Managed a coffee with my best friend before we left.

Visited Kim and filled up with petrol.

Then making our way to our Son’s home. We are then driving to the airport.

If I can get on the airport WiFi I’ll leave another message before I fly out.

Take care

Chat soon


Tuesday’s Post 🌤

And I’m off on holiday tomorrow. So I’m aiming to leave a few scheduled posts. There are a few reviews I’ve done and I’m hoping they will go on too.

If I get internet, then I’ll post a few pictures. If not, then expect a long post when I get back 😉

Spent the day with my best friend. It was really nice, started watching a new program on Netflix..

Bates Motel ….. it’s about Norman and his mother (before The Psycho Movies)

What did you do today?


Today was a mixed bag of emotions. Had a bad day at work (felt very under appreciated) but on the plus side ….. I had a lovely pre-birthday celebration with my family.

I’m off work now for about two weeks 🥳 spending the day with my best friend tomorrow (looking forward to it)

And spent time looking for a new job 😉

How was your Monday?


Random Thought 💭

This is the place we are staying at in Africa…..

Leopardsong Game Reserve


Leopardsong is a comfortable and friendly game lodge set in the middle of Pride of Africa within Dinokeng one of South Africa’s newest “Big Five” Game Reserves. It is situated in the heart of South Africa within an hours drive of Johannesburg international airport and 40 minutes from Pretoria.

There is accommodation for up to 16 people in 8 en-suite rooms. The beautifully styled rooms have as standard:

  • Tea / Coffee
  • Fridge
  • Hairdryer
  • Free wifi is available

We are proud of our excellent South African cuisine and our chefs also enjoy catering for a wide variety of dietary preferences such as vegetarians, halal and kosher. Dining takes place in the onsite dining room before a pleasant evening around the roaring fire in the boma.  Or have a special braai in the heart of the game park.

During the day the swimming pool enables you to cool off or have a cool beer from the bar or a nice glass of wine.


The most important way of maximising the best out of any Game Drive is by utilising the expert knowledge of our own fully qualified game rangers.  The Game Viewers at Leopardsong are a rugged all wheel drive all terrain vehicle that allows total coverage of all 22,500 hectares.  They each carry 10 people and their tiered format provides excellent viewing from all seats.

The morning drive sets off shortly after dawn and takes about two hours and gets back in time for breakfast.  The evening drive sets out to get the last of the light and enjoy the beautiful African sunsets.

There are many types of animals you can see these include:

  • The Big 5 – Lion Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino and Leopard
  • Hippopotamus 🦛
  • Reptiles 🦎
  • Vervet Monkey 🐒
  • Zebras 🦓
  • Antelope 🦌
  • Cheetah
  • Giraffes 🦒

There are also many varieties of birds 🦅 and insects 🐜

I have always wanted to see animals in their natural habitat. I’ve very excited to be going.


Sunday’s Post 🌤

Was going to have a go at trying to create this picture.

And as the colder weather draws in, I’ll get drawn back into my art and craft afternoons 😀I’ll have to keep you update on any projects I start.

Definitely felt a little chillier today.

Had lots planned, but didn’t get as much done as I’d planned (never mind) but I got around to visiting my dad today. Visited the grave, a few days food shopping. And some housework…..

How was your Sunday?


Random thought 💭

A place I’m hoping to visit on my holiday to Africa…..

The Penguins of Boulder Beach

The Penguins are the centerfold magnet for a visit to Boulder’s Beach.

Penguins in Boulder's Beach
Penguins Searching for Food
These penguins are oblivious to tourists who I think are seen as a necessary nuisance, a food source and a humorous addition to the landscape.

The Penguins have their own beach and they have enjoyed this for years now.
Pottering Penguins in the Western Cape

Pottering Penguins.
Sunning Penguins

You’ll find them stretched out sunning themselves, having a walk with a friend or having a community festival.

Penguin colony

Penguin Colony in Boulder’s Beach.

Penguins’ Ancient Lineage

These birds are of ancient lineage, said to have evolved around 65 million years ago.

There are at least 17 species of penguins and since this is the only one that lives in Africa, it is now called the African Penguin, a much more appropriate name than its Blackfoot Penguin or Jackass Penguin moniker earned for the appalling racket it can make.

Various Names of Boulder’s Beach Penguins

African Penguins
Jackass Penguins
Spheniscus Demersus
Blackfoot Penguins
Penguin Feeding

Penguin Feeding.

What Penguins Eat

Travelling Penguins

Travelling Penguins.

Where about is Boulder’s Beach?

It is in the picturesque town of Simon’s Bay in the Western Cape, an easy drive from Capetown.
Where did they come from? Who dreamed of Boulder’s Beach in Simons Town? Great legends here! Not only that, they continued to reproduce at 60% each year.

The family has grown each year despite dangers to the young when they first put out to sea and the repulsive human food hurled at them.

Nesting Penguin

Nesting Penguin.

Arrival and Evolution of the South African Penguins

The locals say these penguins came around 1983 and just decided to stay on.

Penguins are really cold climate animals but they have evolved in Africa and South America. The “tropical” have shorter feathers as they don’t need that much insulation. But wherever they are, they are expert swimmers and can swim at 24 kms. per hour.

They can dive as deep as 35 meters, more than is regularly allowed for divers and can stay down there for at least a minute and a half. They need this to feed as sometimes, they have to reach down for fish where all the other birds can’t.

But they are multi-talented pool denizens with Olympic level talent in diving, sprints and Iron Man type distances. Finding the 300 to 700 grams of fish a day, depending on the season, is not optional.
Penguins Sanctuary

Penguins Sanctuary. Source: aesta1
They used to nest in thick guano but because this was gathered for fertilizer, they adapted to burrowing and nestling under thick beach vegetation to protect their chicks from the sun. I think they have a celebration each year on the day of their liberation from Guano mining!!!

They start to mate at around 4 years and they remain mostly with one partner. Penguins produce only one or two eggs a year with an incubaton period of 40 days. You can see some of their nests in Boulders Beach. 

Boulder's Beach Penguin Sanctuary

Boulder’s Beach Penguin Sanctuary.

The Boulders’ Beach Penguin Sanctuary

They try to return to the same nest each year. In Boulders Beach, a sanctuary has been developed for them. 

The Southern African National Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds has helped to make life easy for the penguins. They have an information center right here in Boulders Beach in Simons Town and have designed a protective environment for the penguins. One can adopt a penguin or support a rescue or volunteer.

So….. that’s one of the places I’m hoping to visit whilst I’m away 😊


Welcome September 🍂

Found this on Pinterest (love that site) and after playing around with the edit on Snapchat (love the filters on that app) I managed to add the three books I’m looking forward to reading in September. (Although two of these books are hardback and expensive) I’ll either download the audio (I have a credit to use) or wait till it comes out in paperback (usually 4-6 months)

I’m sure there are a few kindle books I read. But I don’t really write those down.

Any books your looking forward to reading in September?