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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Krinar Eclipse….. A Krinar World Novel by Lauren Smith


Bianca Wells, the President’s daughter, experiences a close encounter with the aliens who invaded Earth five years ago. 

The Krinar are powerful, attractive, but also mysterious. There is one in particular she can’t get out of her head—the seductive Krinar Ambassador named Soren. With his hauntingly beautiful eyes and god-like body, he invades her dreams, spinning sensual encounters that leave her aching and breathless. But he, like the others of his kind, is dangerous. With impossible speed and strength, wielding incredible intelligence and advanced technology, the Krinar control this planet and every human on it. Bianca should want nothing to do with Soren. A single touch from him might cause an interstellar war. But after one scorching, forbidden kiss, she’ll risk everything to be with him.

Soren came to Earth to ensure the survival of his people, but now he has one desire: to possess the brave and irresistible Bianca. Knowing he could destroy peaceful relations with the humans if anyone sees him with her, he takes matters into his own hands, rescuing her from an assassin. After one “big-bang” of a kiss, he knows he can’t let her go home. She belongs to him, and he will break every rule in his carefully controlled world to keep her.

After their forbidden night of passion, Bianca enters Soren’s dark, seductive world. But her new life as Soren’s woman puts a target on her back, and her status as First Daughter only makes things worse. As enemies surface all around them, Bianca realizes she will have to trust Soren with her heart, even if it means giving up her freedom.

My Review…….
New series for me, so I opened up the kindle and jumped in ….. 
Bianca is the presidents daughter, and Instead of celebrating her birthday with a car, she’s being told by her father that they are being “invaded”, at first Bianca thinks it’s all a joke, until a being enters the room, without using the door!!!! 
The Krinar are here, and they aren’t going anywhere ……. 
We jump five years the Krinar have total control of the planet…..
Ambassador Soren has watched this planet for a very long time. And when it was time for his people to act, Soren was one of the first aliens to make contact. They were more powerful than any of the humans, it wasn’t going to take much effort to subdue them. This planet had so much to offer, and so the Krinar decide to take it back …… 
Thousands of years ago, the Krinar had tinkered with the lifeforms on Earth. They mixed the original DNA with Krinar DNA, so technically we are part alien!! 
Bianca can’t believe it, Soren is back in her dreams and now her life. Why won’t he look at her in that cold clinical way he did five years ago? Why is he looking at her in a hot and naughty way? They know they shouldn’t be together (but that doesn’t stop her from dreaming about him) and if it does, then wars will break out. Is it really worth it? He’s gorgeous, but women are just playthings to the Krinar.
In all of his 8,000 years of living, no one has stirred him as much as Bianca does, he fools himself into thinking he’s keeping an eye on her (she is the presidents daughter after all) to keep her safe from the resistance (they target sympathisers) But ever since he met her five years ago, he’s thought of her at odd moments, and now he has to interact with her again. He’s not sure if he can resist the young lady she has become. He’d wants nothing more than to sink into her body and her blood. But to do so would break the treaty and start a war that would possibly destroy this fragile planet. 
So do Soren and Bianca risk war? Will she be able to walk away when he is done with her? Will he be able to give her up? And what about the resistance fighters? Will they be able to drive the Krinar off this planet? 
Being just a novella, there is a lot packed into this story. Could it have been longer? Yes, it could’ve easily been a novel. A few things needed fleshing out, but being a short story, some of those things had to be sacrificed. I found it easy to dislike Soren (he came across as arrogant at first) and to roll my eyes at Bianca. But in the end….. I liked the book. 
Apparently this is an ongoing world where other authors contribute. I haven’t read any of the other books. It was a different approach (earth being manipulated thousands of years ago, to host a new life form) and I liked the idea. 

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