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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

The Krinar Code…. A Krinar World Novel by Emma Cast


She isn’t supposed to fall in love with him… He’s one of the aliens who invaded Earth.

Harper King is like most humans—she works hard at her job and does her best not to think too much about the Krinar. 

The mysterious aliens took over her planet five years ago, and since then, rumors have surrounded them… whispers of super strength and speed, incredible beauty, and advanced technology. 

Harper should hate them, since her parents died the day they invaded, but something about the infamous Krinar fascinates her. 

Little does she know that the sinfully gorgeous drifter who rescues her from a bar fight will give her the close encounter she’s always dreamed of.

Sef is supposed to be infiltrating a human resistance group, not seducing sweet little human females. But from the moment he sets eyes on Harper, he knows he must have her and will do anything to possess her. Using his human disguise, he lures Harper into his arms and his bed. When it’s far too late for her to escape him, he reveals that he’s a Krinar, one of the powerful and terrifying aliens she’s always wanted to meet. 

He gives her a choice: to save her brothers, she must give herself to him—heart, body, and soul.

Will she choose her dark, seductive alien lover to save her family? Or will she resist the secret desires of her own heart in order to be free?

My Review…… 
We first meet Sef in The Krinar Eclipse (he’s Soren’s twin brother) he’s been altered to look more human, he’s been assigned to find, infiltrate and eliminate any resistance fighters that he comes across. But what he finds instead, is a beautiful thing woman on the wrong side of a human males fist!!! 
Tending to her, he realises he may have just found a new toy!!! Krinar are rarely monogamous, but after seeing his brother happy with his “charl” that’s beloved or soulmate in his language, Sef wonders if it’s a one off.
Harper is a hard working human. By day she works in a garage as the mechanic, and in the evenings she works in the bar adjoined to the garage. The bar belongs to her family (her brothers usually run it) she helps out when she can, or when the brothers need her to fill in. Her brothers are resistant fighters. They have been ever since first contact was made, there were pockets of fighting, but no one is a match for the Krinar. 
After saving Harper from a bar full of angry men, he tends to her bruised face. He’s annoyed that she doesn’t have protection. But seducing this tasty human shouldn’t be his priority, he needs to finds the resistance fighters in this area. But one taste won’t hurt, will it? 
Finding out Seth is in fact a dreaded and feared Krinar, and it’s Sef both Seth is bad enough, but when he tells Harper that he knows her brothers are part of the resistance fighters, they will be found and they will be ended!!!! But he’s willing to negotiate…… be his for as long as he wants her, no resistance, her body is to be his and his alone, then he will forget he’s seen her brothers. 
Harper likes Sef, but to be forced to be his….. her choice has been taken away, so it becomes a battle of wills, he may have her body ….. but her heart and soul!!! Never!!!! 
Again it’s a short story from the author. (Same author just another Pen name) We get a little more information on both the resistance and the Krinar people. They think they are entitled to this planet, they find the resistance an irritation, but it’s growing, so things must be done. Enter our hero (another arrogant Krinar) Sef. (Twin to Soren) 
I liked Harper, her dyslexia was handled well (too many authors can come across as unfeeling or condescending) she loved her family and there wasn’t nothing she wouldn’t do to save them. 
We get a little more on the Krinar people. Cramming a lot of information into a novella is always difficult, how much to add, add too much and it just seemed jumbled. Could it be made longer? I think so, there was so much more we could have heard about. I like this world, and I’ll have to come back and visit it soon😉

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