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Book Review πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»

Frost and Flame (Gods of War) book 2 by Gena Showalter.


Book two of this series sees Bane watching his Queen murder his wife!!!! Vowing revenge he sets about the task his queen has set him, but with a twist all of his own…. 
He has been tasked in finding and killing the next Queen of Adwaeweth (a realm outside Earth) but after watching his wife being killed (Bane refused to leave his home world, he didn’t want to leave his wife so she was slaughtered in front of him.) he has sworn to find and protect the princess, so that she can kill the queen and Bane will be free. 
Coming to Earth (or Terra) was easy, joining in the war of all wars was easy, being caught in ice by a human Viking ….. that stung!!! But Bane and the rest of the immortals battling were all frozen. And there they stay …… 
Nola is adopted sister of Vale (remember her? She was the heroine In book one) she has Lupus, and is in constant pain, and when she doesn’t have lupus, she has Fibromyalgia, fighting these diseases takes its toll on Nola, but she’s not a quitter, she’s not a moaner either. 
Nola and Vale have booked a holiday together, Scandinavia and then onto Russia (Nola has been having dreams for years about travelling to Russia to free a Golden God) 
Oh I might have forgotten to mention ….. The queen can still the beast that lives inside Bane (he carries a dragon like creature inside him) and command him (so although he tried to fight to save his wife, he was commanded not to move) so pledging himself to another Queen of Adwaeweth isn’t what Bane wants, but the queen and princess will have to fight, and he’s hoping with enough training, the new princess will be able to defeat the Queen.
Getting to Russia, Vale and Nola are forced to seek shelter in a cabin, lack of food forces them out two weeks later, they need to find help, they need to be rescued. What they get is a whole lot of muscle and trouble…… 
Oh …… and if the princess becomes the Queen…. apparently she becomes a really spiteful and horrid person !!! (Bane knows first hand, he was betrothed to the Princess before she became the Queen, The Blood Rite they have to endure, changes them as a person, they become evil and twisted) !!! 
Bane has to rescue Nola from one of the other immortals (Zion) as Zion teleports her away to his lair….. 
In between the fighting, the combat training  (there is sex) and the storytelling, Bane realises what he had for his dead wife doesn’t compare to his feelings for Nola, but a vow is a vow, he will kill the reigning Queen, or die trying, but now he doesn’t really want to die, he wants a life and family with Nola. 
But will he get it? By all accounts Nola could turn as the last Queen did, becoming spiteful and vindictive….. Has he traded one bad Queen for another? And this one will tear out his heart if he loses Nola!! 
The story is a fast paced action packed read. Very descriptive (and a little gory in places) but the author has written another good book to the series. (In fact I like this better than the first book) 
Hoping Zion gets a book, as he played a major role in this book. 


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