Pet Peeves 😠

Going to share a few of my pet peeves. Things that annoy me …..

Rude Mobility scooter users…..

I don’t have a problem with mobility scooters, it’s the people who use them. It’s the ones that think they have a right to almost run you over, it’s the ones that like to drive so close to you in the supermarket that you feel you should be a hood ornament!!! It’s the ones that don’t say thank you if you open a door, step aside to let you go past. And the ones that like to toot their horn to make you move…..

I’ve had incidents where I’ve been almost run over, my husband in fact was run over by one, and the woman carried on her way.

I’ve been tooted, and I always walk close to the walk or bush when I walk. I think they like to make you jump!!

And the supermarket…. I know you can’t reach, but do you really need to follow me around on that thing??

And when you see them going into the betting shop, leave the scooter outside, then speed across to the supermarket, and then drive straight in, I do get a little annoyed. If you can park it outside, then you can park it outside the supermarket!!

Bikes on the pavement….

I understand young kids on the pavement. But a convoy of bicycles!! Come on!!! That’s why we have lanes for you. And when they look at you as if it’s your fault they have to slow down ….. it’s a pavement love!!! Not a bicycle lane !!!

Or when they decide they need to ride along side each other, and you have to dive into a bush, so you don’t get mowed down!!!

Oh and I don’t think you need to shout “oi move” when I don’t hear you coming up behind me!!! And speeding through an underpass ….. you scare the life out of me sometimes !!!

I’ve got a few more pet peeves. I’ll keep them coming. Is there anything that annoys you ??

Published by jab1969

Hi I’m an avid reader. I also write reviews for the books I read. Come in and say hi. You can find me on GoodReads, Bookbub, and NetGalley πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» I also review on an awesome site The Reading Cafe (run by Barb and Sandy) So ........ More about me 🀨 I’m almost 50 🀫 I’ve been married (for 27 years) I have a 30 year old son. I had a daughter, I lost her a week before her 21st birthday πŸ˜₯ and it’s been 5 years since she’s been gone (and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her) I work as a salad πŸ₯— chef πŸ‘©β€πŸ³ in a restaurant, haven’t been there long (before that I worked in Tesco) a large supermarket in the UK. I also like to make craft items (and if your really lucky) and I’ll try to post my efforts on here πŸ˜‰ My daughter loved butterflies (so part of my blog name is dedicated to her) I’ve taken on her love of butterflies (I have several tattoos) so I’m probably going to throw quiet a few butterflies on here πŸ˜‰ I LOVE PENGUINS 🐧 πŸ’•so I’m also going to be putting a few on here (my library holds a few) πŸ˜‰ <img src=""

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