Friday’s Post 🌧

Cheers everyone. A drink for you to try in a bar when your next out😉or to make at home

showers all day today. And a really busy day at work. Lots of guests visited the restaurant today. We were really busy. And whilst filling up the salad cart I got into a conversation with a lovely lady. She was a little forgetful and I think just wanted to chat, but I had lots to do. She wanted to know a lot (the chef cooking her food, where I lived) But stopping I did chat to her for a while. (Lots if questions) Then catching a young boy almost about to lick one of the plastic spoons in the container!!! Really don’t need that thanks, it was a full container of pasta😉 kept me busy, in between washing up, prepping salad and entertaining the guests😉

How was your Friday?


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