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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Against the Rules (Gamer Girls) book 2 by Laura Heffernan

Holly has taken herself out of the dating game since breaking up with her cheating, thieving ex. She barely notices Marc, who comes into the game store every week, hoping to get her attention. Her friends insist it’s time to take on a new role, to leave Quiet Holly behind and embrace her inner flirt. And on paper, Marc’s great: cute, funny, and a hardcore gamer just like Holly is.
Then there’s Nathan. He’s everything twenty-eight-year-old Holly wants…except he’s also her friend’s father. Absolutely off-limits. But as she and Nathan playtest a new legacy game together, they’re growing closer. The game is complex and intriguing, and there’s no way to know how choices will pan out. What seems like a good idea could lead to disaster…or sweet victory. But in gaming, as in love, sometimes you have to roll the dice and take your chance . . .

My Review….. 

This is the second book in The Gamer Girls series. 

In the last book (it’s not necessary to read, but it does give you a little background to take you into this book.) Holly finds out her fiancé had been cheating on her, and he’s stolen money from her, so she dumps him…. 

But that has given her confidence a huge knock, so she retreats Into the shop she works in (a gaming shop) 

After her friends (Gwen and Shannon)  convince her to go out and have a little fun, she plucks up the courage to go out, but with whom? 

Nathan is her best friend’s dad, so she shouldn’t be looking at him, but there is something about Nathan that appeals to Holly, and once they start playing this new game, she sees him a whole new light. (And to be honest, she’s always had a little crush on him)

Marc is Holly’s indecisive game customer (but is that to get Holly’s attention?) he comes in and they discuss the games. When he finally plucks up the courage to askHer out, it’s via text (but it’s the modern world and dares are now arranged that way, I suppose?) 

And after a couple of disastrous online chats, Holly needs to get out into the real world and date (can’t do it all online) 

So …… who will Holly choose? And what about the cheating thieving ex? You know somewhere along the line he’s going to make an appearance. Will she be sweet talked into letting him back into her life? 

I’ll have to be honest, I liked this one, but not as much as the first book (She’s Got Game) the characters bounced off of one another, where in this book, I don’t get that same feeling. 

I did like the game thought at the beginning of the chapter, but not sure I needed to hear so much about the Game they were playing. 


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