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My African Adventure 🦌

Another early start.

Breakfast downstairs grabbed fruit and a couple of muffins (not sure what our lunch entailed today, always better to be prepared) we have a walk with elephants planned today, and then lunch with a panoramic view (well that’s what the leaflet said😉)

Quickly went back upstairs to grab my bag and my penguin.

We are picked up outside the hotel by Rebecca (who explains she is also our guide today)

We are travelling to a nature reserve called “Glen Alfric” (there use to be a tv program called “wild at heart” the program was actually filmed there, and now it’s a reserve, they educate there, and a few other films and programs have been filmed there) Rebecca also chatted about the future plans for the site (an ostrich farm, an equestrian center, a winery and conference facilities) they also do walking safaris (which is what we’ve booked)

We arrive at the reception, Rebecca then leaves us for about an hour and a half, apparently the elephants need feeding😉 after we book in we are shown to a lovely sunny spot to enjoy coffee, juice and cake. It’s really pretty, and we also find out they do an overnight stop (but they don’t have many rooms, so I should think it would be nice and quiet) we have a quick tour of the places that were used in the tv program.

Rebecca finds us and says it’s time for our walk, and we are really lucky, the group we were added to have cancelled, so it’s just the three of us 😀 so we get the elephants all to ourselves.

Walking alongside and petting these huge animals was rather daunting at first. We were shown where to walk, not to stray too far from the elephant keepers (it’s still a wild area.) the keepers explain that the elephants wander around the reserve (within reason) they are heir to keep the trees and bushes from becoming completely stripped. They tell us that the elephants will walk for miles grazing, so they have to follow them (usually on foot) it was an experience I won’t ever forget, these huge majestic creatures, to pat them, to look them in the eye, and to feed them. It was amazing.

Saying goodbye to the keepers (we had over an hour and a half) we start our walk back to the reception area, and then lunch. I spot an ostrich, and Rebecca immediately tell us that we have to move quick (it’s the mating season, and the makes become quite territorial!!) being told that the kick from an ostrich could break a leg or arm, so we don’t want to chance our luck. It’s scared away and we continue up to the reception. We meet a friendly zebra (also in the series) and we get to pet him, but that ostrich is still hanging around, so we leave the zebra behind and carry on up the hill.

Sitting by the pool area, we wait for our table.

The table is on a wraparound veranda, and set pretty high up. The scenery is breathtaking, we can see for miles, we see giraffe and zebra in the distance, horse riding and a few stray ostrich.

The meal is a buffet, and there is plenty to choose from.

Rebecca takes us back to the hotel after lunch. The journey is filled with chats and looking at photos. It’s another memory I will treasure.


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