Kinky Wolf (Alpha wants curves series) By Aidy Award. 


Niko Troika gave up everything, his pack, his best friend, his ability to shift, to ensure the entire wolf-shifter society wasn’t exposed. He saved them all from total destruction, but he simply doesn’t have anything left to save himself. Under the light of a full moon, he finds his salvation…in her. His one true mate. The one woman whose heart he broke and would never love him again.

Zara’s been to hell, and it’s filled with greedy wolf-shifters. She won’t let anything stop her from her crusade to save anyone else from being driven insane like she was. Not even love.

But the two of them are caught in the middle of a pack war, and something dark and sinister doesn’t want either of them to remember who or what they truly are.

My Review…

In previous books, we assume Niko had turned rouge, he killed his wolf Tsar, he died. The Troika pack were outcasts, other wolf packs challenged and fought for their land, but they held onto it (thanks to Niko’s brothers Max and Kosta) then we learn that actually he sacrificed his own happiness and wolf to keep the shifters from being discovered by humans. And now he’s a broken wolf, no a man, his wolf isn’t even there to keep him company. 

Zara loved Niko with all her heart, she’s made plans, she thought they would be together forever, then he callously rips out her heart, he never loved her, he’s lied to her. She hopes he’s dead, she hopes he suffered. Actually, no she doesn’t, she still loves him, but it hurt so much when he left that Zara swore never to let anyone close ever again. But Zara has been hiding a secret…. she thinks werewolves exist, the delusions and schizophrenia (self diagnosed) and the visions, she saw Niko when he left her, the visions seemed so real. So for the past eight years Zara has been going slowly mad. But she doesn’t show it, she has to stay strong. 

Niko is shocked at how ill Zara looks, he just wants to take care of her, but he can’t, he can barely look after himself. But he’s going to get better, he’s going to make himself a better man, and he’s going to win back Zara, she’s the only thing keeping his darkness at bay. 

Zara has been kidnapped and physically abused, slapped around and then told she would be sold as a slave. Luckily she was rescued, but it hasn’t helped her, she needs to focus, she needs a plan of action, women are still being held by the man who captured her, she needs to rescue the women, and kill Ramsey Crescent. But her delusions keep interfering, she needs to focus, men can’t change into wolves!! 

Zara and Niko’s tentative attempt at trying to move on from each other proves useless. They need each other, they have to work together to help one another. 

So is Zara delusional? Does she sees wolves instead of men? And is Niko as broken as he thinks he is? And why is the Crescent Alpha so intent on recapturing Zara? 


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