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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Claiming the Cowboy Christmas  (Hills in Texas series) book 4 By Kadie Scott 

Back Cover…….

Her thermostat was set to frosty, until her Christmas cowboy cranks up the heat.

Ashley Hughes would love to cancel Christmas this year. 

Instead of holiday plans, she’s back in her Texas hometown planning her twin sister’s wedding — to her ex! 

Nothing like small town speculation to make her life cheery and bright. No one believes that she’s over the groom, until a certain cowboy secret crush steps in to be her plus one. Ashley’s tried to friend zone Jennings since high school, because she’s always known kissing the casual charmer would lead to a love she’d never forget.

Jennings Hill would be the first to admit that his feelings for his ex-best friend are more likely to land him on the naughty list. When he sees Ashley again, he only wants to help but then a rumour links them romantically and that’s when their lives get complicated. The more time they spend together, the more Jennings worries she’s not over her ex, but Ashley starts wishing Jennings was her present wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Hills in Texas Series ….. 

Saving the Sheriff

Resisting the Rancher

Taming the Troublemaker 

Claiming the Cowboy for Christmas 

My Review….. 

Ashley is glad to be home, she’s missed her family, especially her twin Taylor. Two years has been long enough. But if she stays that’s a whole different matter. 

Taylor is marrying Ashley’s ex!!! Could that be anymore awkward? To outsiders and Taylor, yes it is, but to Ashley, her and Eric broke up a long time ago. She’s moved on, she’s happy for the couple, the only reason she stayed away…..  to give the gossips time to move on….. no such luck!!! Ashley is met with awkward silences and pitying looks!! 

Taking Taylor out on her bachelorette party is an ideal way to put the gossips to bed for go. But as it goes from bad to worse, Ashley is wanting to head back to Dallas, pretty darn quick. Thank goodness she’s only here till the New Year, surely she can survive till then?

Jennings Hill has always loved Ashley, from the first day at preschool until the day she dumped him to be with Eric. They were best friends, did everything together, and then he had to watch his best friend change to please the boyfriend. So to hide his feelings from everyone (including himself) he began to antagonise Ashley. Never getting close to her. But that’s all about to change, dancing with Ashley has set the gossips in motion. What’s a guy to do? Does he help an old friend out? Or does he just walk away and leave her to deal with it? 

Jennings asks Ashley if she’ll looking into a case of fraud for him, and Ashley quickly agrees, they might not be friends now, but they were a long time ago. 

The more time they spend together, the more Ashley sees him in a different light. Yes, she may have had a slight crush on him, but he was her best friend, she really shouldn’t be imaging him in that way!!! 

Jennings on the other hand thinks Ashley still isn’t over Eric!! He’s frustrated, why can’t she see what’s in front of her? 

So ……

Will Ashley stay in Texas? Will she convince Jennings that she is totally over Eric? And will Eric finally get the girl he has always longed for? 


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