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Book Review 📱

FOR WITCH OR FOR POORER (Paranormal wedding planner) book 5 by AE Jones 


When magic isn’t so magical. 

A lonely wolf. 

Maeve Callahan has never had a true family to call her own. Recently adopted into the West Coast pack, she will do anything to stop her past from destroying her newly found brothers. Unfortunately, the evil wolf who raised her and a vengeful coven have other plans. When a warlock is called in to help, Maeve’s instant attraction to him couldn’t be worse timing.

A power-shy warlock. Giz Kelly does not cast spells. Period. His father taught him the hard way that magic can destroy the people you love. But when the supernatural team he works for gets called in to help the pack, he finds himself breaking his vow in order to protect Maeve.

When the coven attacks and lives are at stake, can Maeve and Giz embrace their powers to save the pack and each other? And in doing so realize that love can be the greatest magic of all? 

For Witch or For Poorer is the fifth book in the paranormal wedding planners romance series.

Paranormal Wedding Planners …
In Sickness and In Elf
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To Have and To Howl

For Better or For Wolf
For Witch or For Poorer
Till Demon Do Up Part (coming soon)

My Review……

I’ve read this series from the beginning. And I’ve loved every book so far. 
Maeve was recently adopted into the pack. (We meet her in the last book “For better or for Wolf”) She loves her new family, (especially her “newly found brothers”) and there is nothing she won’t do for them. She will protect them with her very life. And she might just have to do that!! The wolf who had raised her (who in fact wasn’t her father) is bringing in the big guns, a powerful witches coven. What does he want? 
Being with her brothers and a new pack should bring her peace, but peaceful is anything but how Maeve feels. And the wolf inside her, that can’t be let out, not under any circumstances!!! But she needs a little independence, after twenty-five of being controlled by her “father” Maeve wants a little freedom.
Giz/Tim is the nerd of the paranormal security force. (We’ve meet the rest of the team in previous books) he’s the tech guy, the wizard genius, and literally a wizard. But Giz has a secret, one he’s not even willing to share with the guys in his group (and he trusts them with his life) 
Maeve and Giz meet on pack grounds and there is an attraction of sorts, but both are wary, so after a sort of flirty conversation, they both go their own ways. Giz is aware that Maeve is still fragile after years of verbal abuse, and the last thing she needs is him. And he’s aware of her three brothers, and really, he doesn’t do relationships….. 
The pack is attacked by the Lunadorium (the coven of witches) they’ve already dealt with Maeve’s father, and now they’ve set their sights on the pack and Maeve. 
The romance between Giz and Maeve is a slow burn. They feel that each doesn’t deserve happiness, so push or try to ignore their feelings for each other. 
This has to be my second favourite book in the series (fingers crossed Sullivan gets a book 🤞) 


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