Book Review 📱

UNMASK ME (A Dragons Love Curves Story) book 2.5 by Aidy Award. 


Ciara is still adjusting to her new life as a witch, a dragon’s mate, and living in a new country. 
What she needs is a project to make her new home feel… like home. A party to plan is just the ticket! 
Not just a party, but a masquerade ball where more of the green dragons can find mates. Perfect. Except no one does Halloween like back home in the U.S. She can’t find decorations, or costumes, or even pumpkins. Boo!
Jakob loves his mate something fierce and he’ll do anything to make her happy, even if that means talking the biggest baddest dragons around into dressing up in silly costumes. But are dragons and humans the only ones coming to this party? 

My Review….. 

A fun Halloween read. Still part of the Dragon loves curves series, not really a stand alone story, more of a continuation of the couples story.
Ciara is mated to her dragon mate, and she wants to share her good fortune with other dragons and human women. So Ciara organises a Halloween themed ball. But living in Europe they don’t celebrate it the way America does. So finding costumes and decorations is proving difficult. But Ciara isn’t put off, she will find all she needs and find mates for her green dragons. 
The surprise in the shape of the incubus was a good one, can’t wait to see where the succubus takes the dragons and their mates. 

When I read this series again, and I will, I’ll read this as 2.5 and not at the end of the series (It did throw me a little as most of the mates have found each other already, but once I realised what was going on I got with the book) 


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