Tuesday’s Post☁️

A frost greeted us this morning. Luckily it didn’t make the walk to work slippery. It was delivery day today, so it was earlier start. I had help with the delivery today, so it was put away pretty quick. So I got plenty done, well that was until a meeting with my new shift leader (a new thing again) we have a meeting in which we can express our development with the job, and if we have any concerns….. it’s suppose to be a 15-20 min chat, I had a 40 min chat!!! Oh I had a lot to say 😆

Hubby is a big fan ….. I can’t think of anything worse to watch!!! Full of over inflated wanna-be’s!!! I feel sorry for the animals that are forced to be in close contact with the so called “celebrities” so I put on my headphones 🎧 and listened to some music and read a book 😉

Hope your Tuesday was a good one.


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