Thursday’s Post 🌧

Have to admit, I wanted to do lots this morning, I wasn’t meeting my friend till later in the day. So had planned to visit and tidy up my daughters grave. Wanted to take my travel penguin to the library and take some photos. I wanted to organise a review I’d just finished reading. And I wanted to have a look around town, and get a few gift vouchers. (I give them out as Christmas presents) but I didn’t ….. I did none of that. I’m hoping to do some of those things on my list on Sunday. The rest will have to wait. No movie either today, we had lunch and watched a few programs, before I had to make a move.

How was your Thursday?


Happy Thanksgiving to my Book Buddy in America 🥂

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Post 🌧


    Hey Hun,
    Sorry you didn’t get the things on your list completed 😦 today. Maybe tomorrow?
    I’m here for you. Try to call me, maybe, and we can chat while you’re doing your thing
    ❤ xxoxxoxxo Or TXT me. I can message you or babble in your ear while you work 😉



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