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Make Your Move (Gamer Girls Book 3) by Laura Heffernan 

At twenty-eight, Shannon has yet to fall in love. Which is fine, since she’d rather spend her evenings creating games than swiping right or going on awkward blind dates. Right now though, she has two little problems. First, she’s stuck for a new game idea. Second, the only candidate in her roommate search is Tyler, the gaming buddy who’s long had an unrequited crush on her.
It should be awkward. But when Tyler moves in, the situation doesn’t go at all the way Shannon expected. Between helping her deal with coworkers and fixing the bugs in her latest game, Tyler’s proving to be damn near perfect. Except for the fact that he’s falling for someone else. . .
Maybe Shannon has already forfeited her turn. Maybe she’s playing for nothing but heartache. But the best games have endings you can never predict . . .

My Review…..
This is the third and final book in the Gamer Girls Series. 
Shannon is a girl that loves to play and write games. In fact it’s safer for her that way, having never fallen in love, Shannon doesn’t really flirt or date, in fact Shannon finds it all so very frustrating. She can’t seem to connect, life in the virtual world seems so much easier. 
Shannon needs to find a flat mate, that too is proving a difficult task, the only person that seems right on osier is her gaming Buddy Ryan, but Ryan has a huge crush on Shannon!! So maybe that’s not the way to go. But with a little convincing, they give the flat sharing a go…. 
It goes surprisingly well, in fact Shannon sees Ryan in a different light, they have a laugh, they like the same stuff. Could she let him in? 
By the time she figures this out, Ryan has moved on, (not getting your feelings reciprocated has a tendency to do that) can she let Ryan know that she’s interested? And if she does will it count? 
I have to say that I enjoyed this one a little more than the others. Shannon’s attachment to her two best friends is evident, her work place needs a good shake up, and she needs to form a few more attachments (Ryan for one) the conflict that Shannon faces on a daily basis must have been so draining. All she wants is what her two best friends have, but she can’t flirt and be casual, there has to be a connection between her and the other person. And watching Ryan form an attachment to someone who is not right for him was messing with her head. 
Catching up with the other previous (book) characters was good, it felt like catching up with old friends. Downside, I didn’t need so much info on game playing (yes I know that’s the premise of the book, but that’s my opinion) 
So will Shannon get her man? Will she get this game finished that she’s working on? You’ll have to read to find out 😉

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