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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Loki Ascending (Viking Warrior Series) book 3 by Asa Maria Bradley


My Review….. 
This is book three in the series (I don’t think I missed too much in the other books, this is billed as a stand-alone) but I did feel there were a few things that I was missing …. 
Scott is a human that has been adopted by the Vikings his sister has married into (Book 1 Viking Warrior Rising) he doesn’t want to be a burden so he trains hard with the warriors, he also has an inner warning system (think this developed over the last two books) so if trouble is near, Scott gets a warning and can act. After recovering from a coma (not sure how and why) Scott thinks he has to prove himself and to a certain Viking healer….. 
Irja is a Viking healer, but going to a human medical school was unheard of, but she uses it well. She does have magic, but she rarely uses it (for her the price is too high) she’s a pretty powerful being, she just keeps it locked down. 
Pekka is her twin, (he’s a complicated character, hoping he gets a book) she loves her brother (but he is a major pain in her life) he was caught and held a prisoner by Loki, he came back different, (but I suppose being was tortured changes people.)
Wolverines are modified creatures made by Loki (our baddie in this series) and this is what the vampire warriors are fighting. Yes Loki is the Viking God of Chaos, and apparently a really nasty piece of work. (He might be in the other books, but in this one, he just comes across as annoying!!) 
The main characters have known each other for a while, Scott has deeper feelings for Irja (well he thinks he does) he’s loved her for ages, he thinks she only sees him as a former patient. When in fact Irja has liked him for a while, she just can’t show it. They have to work together when a mysterious virus attacks their King and then starts to attack the rest of the Vikings and Valkyrie. And when they find out Loki is behind it, and he offers them a cure (but at a big price) will they take it? And is Scott turning into something more? Are the premonitions the start of something? Rumours have started, could they be true? 
I really liked this story. I’m definitely going back to book one. I did feel I was missing certain facts that maybe the other books would supply. 
It was really well written. I liked the interaction between the main characters, I liked the fact Irja wasn’t sure, and in fact kept her but also the banter between the warriors and Scott. 
The descriptions were done really well, I could picture scenes really easy. The story flowed really well
You definitely need to read this one. 

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