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Friday’s Post ☁️

Another cold walk to work this morning. Not cold enough for my big coat yet (internal heater doing its job, so I don’t need a big coat yet) but gloves, scarf and hat keep me warm enough.

As you know, it was my day off yesterday, so returning to work I did wonder how much of a delivery we got. And we didn’t have a large amount. So I couldn’t prep too much, but as I was on my own, I had pot wash to keep me occupied.

The next Dracula episode.

Blood Vessel…..

To all appearances, the decrepit Russian ship The Demeter is a perfectly ordinary vessel, but its motley collection of passengers – including a German duchess, an Indian scientist and an English lord, his beautiful bride and their resentful manservant – also boasts a strange cargo: fifty boxes of mouldering Transylvanian soil. Shrouded in a mysterious fog, the Demeter sets sail for Whitby, England, but the voyage is ill-starred from the beginning. Death stalks the ship and before long the crew of the Demeter are locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse with Count Dracula. Can any of them stop the ravenous vampire before he reaches England and sows the seeds of his unholy blood-cult in fresh ground? As the old saying goes: ’The dead travel fast’…


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