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Saturday’s Post ☁️

Watched the second episode tonight. I thought it was good. If you read reviews, there was mixed bag of good and bad.

Dracula …. Next episode …. The Dark Compass

Lucy Westenra seems to have it all. A beautiful and popular girl with no shortage of young men in her thrall. Yet Lucy seems to have an emptiness inside her, a longing for something else. Something dark and… other. One might almost say, ‘be careful what you wish for.’ For out of the shadows steps another suitor – with a familiar face! England is an unfamiliar world pulsing with fresh blood and fresh possibilities. There are strange sights and sounds everywhere, and Dracula wastes no time in laying plans to spread his foul vampire contagion in this new larder. After landfall in Whitby, where else to head but the gleaming lights of London? But why does Dracula set his sights on the seemingly ordinary Lucy Westenra? The legacy of Jonathan Harker’s stay in that far off Transylvanian castle comes back to haunt the Count as he finds himself unexpectedly checked by an alliance of formidable foes – one a steely scientist, another a callow young doctor in love with Lucy and determined to thwart the Prince of Darkness in his plans to dominate the world. As the adventure reaches its fevered climax, Dracula appears triumphant. Can anyone – living, dead or undead – stop him?

Walk to work was a dry but chilly one (we are due lots of rain next week) chatting to my friend makes the journey less tedious. I didn’t need to be in early today, so it was a nice change.

As was having no delivery to put away either. I got straight into the fridge and checked to see if I needed to prep anything before I got salad prep out for lunch.

Not an awful lot happened at work today with guests, but there is a little power struggle going on in the background. (In the kitchen part where I work) Things are beginning to happen. One to one meetings are taking place next week, hours are being relocated (chefs mainly)

Dinner, a wash load and a little tv. (As you can see above) catching up with the BFF and then bed. Not very exciting, but who needs excitement, that stuff is exhausting 😉


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