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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Landing the Lawman (Texas Hills series) Book 5 by Kadie Scott 

He thought he was in control until she snuck into his heart…
Carter Hill walked away from a perfectly fine life and relationship…all for a career she’s chased since she was fourteen. Years and a PhD later, she loves her job as a water rights consultant. At the same time, now that all her brothers are happily married, she’s lonely and wanting more. But the only man in her life is Logan – super serious, no sense of humor, and friend-zoned. Or is he? Perhaps a sexy, no-strings affair with a man more driven than she is could help her move on.
Logan Cartez doesn’t date, do relationships, or worry about commitment. He’s married to his job – making sure what destroyed his family ranch and their legacy doesn’t happen to others. When Carter propositions him, what began as a passionate and unforgettable night soon develops into more. Logan finds himself doing things he swore he never would, and the feisty, brilliant, blue-eyed rancher’s daughter has him thinking about so much more than work.

My Review….. 
The Texas Hill series can be read in any order, but as the siblings all get married it makes sense to read them the way the author planned. 
Carter is the only daughter in the Hill household. Watching her brothers find love, Carter doesn’t regret her decision to leave family and love behind to pursue her dream job. But it’s a lonely life, has she left it to late? Well maybe not, yummy Logan hits all those buttons. An affair might be just the thing they both need….. 
Logan doesn’t need love, it makes life messy, he needs to concentrate on saving the little farmers and their rights. And Carter Hill is the right person for the job, (she is a water rights consultant) he just needs to ignore her as a woman, a fine complete package. 
With the arrangement of a no-strings affair, both Logan and Carter pursue it wholeheartedly. But when Carter’s mother is taken ill things change for both of them. 
I’ve read all of the previous books in this series.
The descriptions the author gives is great. The attention to detail is very good. The characters are funny and the flirting is funny and very light hearted. 
Both characters have been hurt in the past, so I see where both Logan and Carter have issues with trust.
I’d happily recommend this book. 

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