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Book Review 📱

Wicked Court (A Noblesse Oblige Duet) Book 1 by May Sage  


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had to hide who I am. What I am. 
They had me play the sheep. They had me blend in. They marked me and sealed my power. 
Now I have my freedom, because everyone who’s ever wanted me confined is dead. 
I could have changed it. I could have altered the course of fate. I could have saved the unseelie queen. 
I didn’t.

Vlari has always known her place: as far away from court as the unseelie queen can send her. 
The youngest royal, born in an impoverished household, she endeavoured to earn her keep as an assistant. Her one aspiration? Avoiding the popular crowd of gentry fae who prey on the weak, and their dark, enticing leader, the mysterious Drusk.
Until the world implodes around her.
She has two options. Fade with rest of the unseelie kingdom, or protect a court that has never cared for her.

My Review……

This book has a different feel about it. The world the author has created is very well written. The characters are thought out well, and the secondary characters all seem to have purpose. 
It’s a fast paced book, and the action is all well scripted. 
It’s written in the person’s point of view. And we get to see it all through Vlari’s eyes. 
Nevlaria (Vlari) has never really known love and affection, no one wanted her. She never felt part of a family or community. 
Ridiculed at school, it’s followed her all her life. A weak link in her family. Not to be trusted. 
And now, now she is to be married off, like a piece of meat. A loveless marriage, one only of connivence. For the good of the Queen and her family. But Vlari doesn’t want that, but what Vlari wants doesn’t matter….. 
When Vlari and Drusk meet, it brings back lots of unpleasant memories, (this isn’t the first time she’s seen him, they attended the same school, and that wasn’t pleasant either!) 
Rystan Drusk is a Myst, a shadow wielder, as long as he’s in the dark, he can summon and control shadows, to conceal him, and transport him, and even destroy. But he’s a commoner (Vlari is royalty) but he has something that draws people to him, and he uses that ability to his advantage. 
The attraction is all on Vlari’s side, (whenever they have met, Drusk has nothing but scorn or a sneering amusement on his face) she’s dreamed about him, and thought about him often, wondering what he’s doing now. 
And when the kingdom is attacked, and everyone slaughtered. Vlari is looked upon to organise and lead. But will she? Why should she? 
The ending is a surprise, and the epilogue gives us a glimpse into the next book. 
It’s a two book story, and I hope to read the next part in this story. 

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