Saturday’s Post

A different day today. Started off a cold and slippy walk to work. Delivery was a fairly large one. But as usual myself and my little helper (lovely young man) put it away pretty quick.

We are having repairs on our roof at work at the moment. All was going well, until they put tar on the roof to seal it. The smell was atrocious!!! It gave us headaches and made a few people feel really sick. So we then had to clear the restaurant of guests!! But it made the tidy up go quicker.

Restaurant was reopened for dinner. I made sure pot wash and salad area was ready.

I also had a catch up with an old colleague from my old work place. Had dinner and a catch up.

Sunday is housework and shopping.


1 thought on “Saturday’s Post


    Please be careful walking to work Hun. Terrible when it’s slippery :p
    Tar does smell bad doesn’t it. I’m glad they let you all get out of the building.
    Hope this next week is much better for you ❤



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