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Book Review 👩🏻‍💻

Crave Me (Dragons Love Curves Book 8) Aidy Award 
Someone will have to sacrifice their very soul to save those they love from from a dark fate…

Portia has always been different than the other demons in her coven. She’s extra curvy, can slay Hell’s wyrms like a badass, and she’ll do anything to become a dragon’s mate. She’s known since she was young that the only way to fill the void inside is to find someone who truly loves her for herself and not her succubus allure. Just like the song says – she will do anything for love, but… she won’t do…nope, she’d even do that.

Zon and Gris never thought they’d be able to find a mate that could put the severed pieces of their shared soul back together and make them whole. Fate must be smoking something to light up their soul shards for the thieving succubus who almost killed their king. Yet they find themselves doing everything for the love of their sworn enemy.

But both Hell and the the First Vampire crave Portia and her powers too. The dark forces won’t be satisfied with anything less than making her the new Queen of the Underworld, a place no dragon can exist and remain sane.

My Review….. 

I’ve noticed with this series, the author bounces from from story to another. 
We started off with the wolves, but the dragons had already had their mates. And now the author is filling in the dragons stories. So when reading, if your a little confused, it’s all to be expected. 
There is a running storyline through the series, so I do advise reading in order….
Black Dragons are Demons, they have no souls, so they need to steal shards (a necklace combining a piece of the male dragons soul with the First Dragon) for their boss. 
Portia is half human, half succubus, like her sister Jada (who’s book Bite Me was book 4) they share the same father. He leads their coven. She hates having to rely on sex to gain nourishment, she wants what her sister has, someone just for her. And when she finds her mate is a dragon, there is nothing she won’t do to help him, but she later realised that the dragon she is helping is not who he says he is. 
Zon and Gris are twin gold dragons. With Gris as Cage’s second in command and Zon being his master at arms, they make a formidable team. 
But they have a curse, sharing only one soul, they will never get a female to love. So they settle for being their Wyr’s (that’s boss dragon) elite team. 
But both feel they failed, Cage (that’s the leader of the Gold Dragons) is dying, he lost his soul shard, well in fact he gave it away. But only after he’s been tricked into it. You can’t take a soul shard it has to be given. And a succubus tricked him into giving it to her. And that succubus was Portia, and wouldn’t you know it, she is the twins mate (but I get the impression both Gris and Zon think she is only one of the twins mate?!) 
Anyway….. the story unfolds, and both Gris and Zon have to rescue Portia. Both begin to fall for her, until she is captured and so is Zon. 
Zon is tortured to the point of madness, and when he is rescued, he recognises his twin, but has no recollection of Portia. 
I liked this book, the author seem to be focussing on story and content, rather than the endless sex they all seem to require. We have lots of side stories going on (and a few books that cross over in here too) 

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