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Must Keep You (A Billionaire’s Surprise Baby) Darling Cove Book 5 by Deborah Garland


I’m the heir to my family’s fortune.

My best friend is having my baby.

My father has a wife already picked out for me.

Can you say royally screwed? Fitting for a crown prince, huh? 

I need Lily to be my pregnant fake fiancé to help me fight for my independence. She’s terrified my family will stop at nothing to take the baby from her. But I’ve convinced her to meet my parents this weekend to prove they may be rich, but they’re not monsters. 

Can I walk away from a billion-dollar fortune if my inheritance is put on the line? I’m ready for anything. Just not the biggest surprise of all. That I’m in love with Lily and she’s in love with me. 

Two damn days. 

Everyone just has to behave and act normal for 48 hours so I can have it all. Keep my baby and the woman I never knew I couldn’t live without. 

Find out how much can go wrong in two days in this edgy romantic comedy about what happens when best friends from different worlds give into passion and play just the tip.

The Darling Cove Series features a recurring cast of Mallory family and friends, but each book can be read as a stand-alone. No cheating. No cliffhangers. 

Get the whole series: 

Book 1. Must Love Fashion- An Enemies to Lovers Steamy Office Romance 

Book 2. Must Have Faith- A Runaway Bride Second Chance Romance 

Book 3. Must Be Crazy- A Single Dad Fireman Romance 

Book 4- A Must for Christmas- A Family Crisis Christmas Romance 

Book 5- Must Keep You- A Billionaire’s Surprise Baby Romance 

My Review….. 
I’ve read a few of the authors books, but nothing from Darling Cove. I don’t think I missed anything from not reading the others in this series. 
Book 5 sees Lily praying she’s not pregnant. After 5 years of knowing Carter, six months ago they took the plunge and started seeing each other, lily knows it won’t be forever, he said as much. Plus he’s a really rich guy, she’s not got the right pedigree to marry into the Holden empire. Lily knows he won’t want to be saddled with her and a baby. And as she has trust issues anyway (her adopted parents loved her intensely, until they had a biological child, Lily then got forgotten)she can’t let Carter get too close, it was only meant to be fun. 
Carter isn’t your usual rich guy, he works and he works hard. He loves his mother and hates the fact she’s dying, but what really hurts is his father, he looks at his son as an investment m, but worse, he’s taking her money. And he feels like he’s on borrowed time….. 
He thought lily was having a good time, he thought he was proving to her that what they had together meant more than just fun. And when Lily announces she’s pregnant, his gut told him “mine” then she throws out she’s leaving the place they both work at. What will it take for Carter to show Lily she means more than just a few fun nights. He wants more….. 
The book plays out of a forty eight hour period. (Yes they’ve been seeing each other for six months, and known each other for five years) 
I liked the fact is a dysfunctional family. Lily with her trust issues, but knowing she will be there for her baby. 
Carter the doting and caring son, but also the hot guy and potential father. 
I liked the thought process that Lily went through. Didn’t like the thought she could terminate Carter’s rights. Liked how other friends and family members had their say, and valid points. 
Carter’s family was a right mixed up bunch. A father who thought he was entitled to run his family like a dictatorship, wasn’t too keen on him. 
And when Carter asks her to be his “fake” fiancée! Will she help him out? 
So will Lily let Carter see his baby? Will he be brave enough to fight for what he really wants? 

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