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Tuesday’s Post

Cold start to my morning. Hat and gloves today. But at least it was dry and a little watery sun to keep me company as I walked to work.

A staff meeting and a delivery both on the same day (all the managers that have worked here, they’ve all picked delivery days,) can never get my head around that one, it’s not as if we get any extra help, in fact it’s sometimes harder, everyone wants to congregate in the area that the delivery is!!

Staff meeting …. well was it really necessary? It seemed to me a total waste of time… nothing much was discussed, we found out our Kitchen Manager has gone, and is to be replaced at some time in the future, and three of the chefs at work have thrown their hat into the ring (and to be perfectly honest i wouldn’t give it to any of them!!) then it was opened to air our opinions on where we are going wrong!! Well once that started I excused myself and went to help with delivery (it really was painful to listen to, everyone was ready to blame someone else for the lack of cohesion in the kitchen, too many Diva’s in my opinion!!)

Delivery…… thankfully was a small one, so both me and Emma (the waitress who helps me) managed to put it away pretty quick.

I got to finish at 4 today, so a walk home in the daylight was a nice welcome.

Day off tomorrow, and I get to spend it with a special friend.


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One thought on “Tuesday’s Post

  1. Honey you are so sweet, I would have had to bite my lip LOLOLOL
    Hopefully the powers that be, were able to see what has been going on. If not, I’d say they get what they asked for xoxoxoxo


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