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Emerald: A Dark Mafia Romance (Colours of Crime Book 5) by Sophie Lark


She tried to kill me…

She crept into my room with a syringe full of poison.

Now she’s my prisoner.

She refuses to tell me who sent her or why.

But I’ll get every last secret out of her. Through pleasure or through punishment. 

I captured her and now she belongs to me…

“Emerald” is a dark and dominating mafia romance, Book 5 in the Colors of Crime series. It’s a stand-alone novel, full of intrigue, danger, and sexy bedroom scenes. Contains spanking, so if such material offends you, do not read.

My Review…… 
Not read any of the previous books, but that doesn’t matter in the least. 
Sloane or “The Angel of Death” as she is known Is an assassin, a killer for hire, and she’s good at her job, methodical and clean, her daddy taught her plenty of lessons and not all of them were easy, but they were valuable. Five long years and now she’s at the top of her game, this should have been an easy job ….. 
Ivan is a Bratva Boss, ruthless and cold. No time for a life, the Bratva is his life, and he can’t see that changing. His only other love is his brother, there is nothing he wouldn’t do for his younger brother. 
A business deal has gone wrong, and now he has to tie up loose ends, why can’t people just doing there jobs?! 
Now, I’m not a big mafia reader, to romanticise criminal bosses in my book is a big no no, but I’d give it the benefit of the doubt. (Violent in places, I had to skip a few parts) 
The plot is a good one, Sloane is hired to kill someone (at first I thought it was Ivan, that is later) she does that easy, but spots an opportunity to make more money (a flash drive) this is then when it gets interesting. Ivan is also fighting a hostile takeover (a rival gang has moved into his territory, and has taken something from him) he has to show force, and can’t have his attention divided at the moment. 
It’s very well thought out and written, it’s making me want to read the previous books. Very descriptive, and a fast paced book. Written in the hero/heroine’s point of view. We have a sort of romance book, but I didn’t really get that vibe, there was lust and attraction, but not a real connection between Ivan and Sloane. 
So….. will Ivan let Sloane go after he finds out why she’s there to kill him? Will Sloane want to be freed? And what type of torture will he use?😉

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