Thursday’s Post

Delivery Day ……

Managed to catch up with a friend before heading off to work. Rain and wind for most of the day. Delivery was late, so we got on with bringing in the bins, switching the ice cream machine on and getting salad out and onto the cart.

Bringing in wet boxes is never a highlight of my day. And the cold wind wasn’t much fun either. But that wasn’t the best part, no I decided to wear a large pot of Greek yogurt!! One minute it’s in my hand, and I’m on the way to the fridge to put it away, and the next thinks I know, it’s on the floor, up both my legs, over my shoes, up the fridge door and over the bin!!! Luckily I had a spare pair of work trousers.

The walk home was dry and a little sun tried to peek out between the grey clouds.


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