Friday’s Post

Hoping you all have a fab Friday 💋
As you know, I like to share drink ideas (well it is the start of the weekend for some people)
As long as it doesn’t make my book dirty, then I’m happy using most things to mark my page, but I do have lots of bookmarks 😉
Found some really pretty cool cushion covers this week. I like the watercolour effect on this one.

Had help today at work. And it made a real big difference. So instead of rushing around, we ended up sharing the jobs. And I managed to keep a lot of the prep I made in the fridge, I’m hoping I have enough in the fridge to start my day off. But as it was getting busy when I left work tonight, I highly doubt it. This cold wind is no fun to walk in at the moment, it’s strong too, so walking to work was a battle, but the walk home was a quicker one, with the wind at my back I made it home a little bit quicker 😉


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